red-lipped morwong

i was wondering what they tasted like seen heaps of them diving and didnt know whether to take some

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Dont know

Sat, 2007-12-29 08:05

I assume you mean these lil guys?

Red Lipped Flighty Buga

Seen truckloads of the moles when I used to skin dive as a youngster. Don't know about edibilty though.


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got one down south last

Mon, 2008-02-11 11:41

got one down south last month whilst spearfishing.. 

bit of garlic and spice and it came up a treat.

very nice fish.

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Worth a try

Tue, 2011-12-27 22:47

 My misses loves them, for me, I can take them or leave them. Only ever got then spearfishing though, best was a 1kg whopper of Woodmans point. 

Haven't yet tried but been told they do better after freezing, quite a strong taste. 


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 I speared one of these just

Mon, 2012-02-06 15:42

 I speared one of these just before New Years, was fairly big as well topped the scale ruler at 55cm. Was also unsure if you could eat them and in the end just used it for crab bait in my pots