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bought a Reflex Chianti 635 a few weeks ago, NZ made (John Haines hull; reflex make the Haines Signatures in NZ). I've owned a few boats in my time but have to say this is a corker! 7m LOA, 150 Merc 4 stroke. Jumps straight out of a hole onto the plane (never experienced this is a largish boat before). Plenty of deck space, perfect fishing boat. Big thanks to Hitech Marine as they were fantastic, best boating purchase experience I have had, nothing too much trouble.  

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Sat, 2016-07-23 17:19

Sounds like your very happy.
Pretty sure the reflex chianti is the same as my boat. Have had it out in some horrible weather and always has performed well.

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 Congrats mate. Those 150

Sat, 2016-07-23 17:19

 Congrats mate. Those 150 Merc 4strokes are awesome from all reports. Heaps of torque from a 4-cylinder


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 Hi Tim,yes they are the

Sat, 2016-07-23 18:45

 Hi Tim,yes they are the traveller that Haines stopped selling in Aus

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Sat, 2016-07-23 18:58

Thanks for that. I was keen to replace the perspex hatch on the front and it looks like they come standard with a fibreglass one so might fit straight on.
You will be happy with the boat. Mine is regularly at the trench trolling or deep dropping and has handled some horrible weather really well. I have also upgraded from a 140 to a 175hp and it handles even better.
The one thing I did find is the stainless support for the dash was crap. I had a new one made much stronger after I bent it and pulled the screws out of the glass on a rough ride home.

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 Took her out to 80m on

Mon, 2016-07-25 19:57

 Took her out to 80m on Sunday morning, easterly picked up to about 20 knots when we had been out there for a while, pretty impressed when we decided to head back in only a few sprays to the face (trimmer was on hols when I bought the boat, but took her in for clears this week). I'll keep an eye on the supports, cheers

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gee cliff sounds like a great

Mon, 2016-07-25 09:03

gee cliff sounds like a great boat - can you post a pic? -
I used to think hitech were ok too - until they started posting glowing self reviews on this site...
which apart from being a bit underhand kinda sux for the site sponsors who put their hand in their pocket to support this site

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 No worries, I haven't taken

Mon, 2016-07-25 19:52

 No worries, I haven't taken many yet but  when I get to a pc I'll put some up, unless someone can tell me how to do it from an iPad :)



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 What was the overall price

Wed, 2016-10-19 20:28

Was the 705 Hard Top much more expensive?

Actually what was the drive away price on the 635?