Rod advice, Saltiga bay jigging rod?

Im looking for a 20-30lb light jig combo to use on the 5 fathom bank with large plastics and lucanus style jigs. Have had a play with the saltiga bay jiging rod and it feels amazing. Extremly light abd feels like 12-15lb rod rather than a 20lb rod. Just wondering if anyone out there has actually used one or if  anyone has advice to a similar rod.

Also i cant decide wheter to go spin or baitcaster. If i go spin ill get another daiwa seagate 3000 (awsome little reel) but im also looking a a daiwa blue backer 200. I know if comparing apples and orranges but what would you prefer to fish with under 30m?

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i use a BB300 on a saltiga

Tue, 2009-06-30 15:40

i use a BB300 on a saltiga hirasama overhead - very nice for exactly that. It is the 6.0ft one.

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same as me awsome combo  

Tue, 2009-06-30 15:41

same as me awsome combo


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When they say jigging they

Tue, 2009-06-30 16:20

When they say jigging they mean the taikaburra types, but it looks like thats what you want it for anyways so should suit well. When you say it feels light, i'm assuming you mean as it bends, rather than the physical weight. Most taikaburra type rods have a soft, slow tip (as its supposed to hook up better when using those type jigs). The salty fighters honsu has probably somewhat comparable or the lucanus rods (but the saltigas are obviously higher end rods). Daiwa also do the bluebacker, but i think the saltiga is still a bit more higher end.

I'm currently using a 400 calcutta and a tcurve barra rod for that kind of work, but planning on upgrading to something a bit nicer some time later. Looking at a custom or a smith though.  Reel probably BB200, but I hate the standard knobs on it. Jigging handle would be nice though.

Spin v baitcaster. I prefer spinning for sps and jigging, but overheads for octas and driftbait. Mosly personal preference though.

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Mish I have one of the bay

Tue, 2009-06-30 17:27

Mish I have one of the bay jigging rods in a spin it is my spuidding outfit great rod and agree with the comments that you made have caught snapper with it as well and the feel of the rod is very nice but then again I am a Saltiga fanatic you could also have a look a the Saltiga 68s rod which is very nice also I have landed some nice sized pinkie's on this rod matched to a saltiga 3500 game



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check out the Etouh Jigforce

Tue, 2009-06-30 17:41

check out the Etouh Jigforce 120g

I have one that i use on a luna 253 and i love it light, sensitive and quite strong.

I use it for for salty rubber and even drift baiting in 40-50m of water.

Caught quite a few fish on it even a RAY in 3m of water.

The spin version is just as good.

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jigging and plastics

Tue, 2009-06-30 17:47

Personal preference whether to spin or overhead for jigging but it is somewhat easier to use spin gear for SP especially if you want to go lighter. In 30 meters you can go as light as 1/4 Oz depending of conditions, or even weightless for surface applications. In most situations casting is required so spin gear achieves a better casting distance for jig-head weight ratio. No backlash/birds nest either.

surprised Hlokk didn't sell the PE 2 Xzogo he has, and it is sweet, but haven't seen him use taikaburra stlye jigs with this rod but he has trolled with the rod out the back of the boat.

my next rod for plastics will be a Egrel S10 Bear with a Heartland at least. Already have raider snapper 5-8kg with a 4000 and it handles well with SP, jigs to 30 meters and is rated to 45g, but the Egrel will allow me to hit 40m with plastics.

my light jig rod is a PE2-3 jig master from Oceanside and I have a PE 6-8 Xzoga for heavy stuff. both have spin reels.

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Ive got something that may

Wed, 2009-07-01 10:35

Ive got something that may suit your application Damo and Mish.

Ive got 3 rods here that will do what you need for shallow water jigging, dirftbaiting and soft plastic work.

Eupro Salty Fighter PE 0.8 to 2.0 6ft 2pc

Eupro Twincraft PE 1.5-3.0 6'2" 2pc

Etuoh HR Jig Force PE 1.5-3 5'8" 1pc


All the above are available in both spin and overhead. Drop by and check them out. Im currently using the Salty Fighter with a 250 BlackSheep and a Jig Force with my stella 5k, both are awesome for shallow water work.




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Wed, 2009-07-01 15:55

I'll be up next thursday night for the BM info night.

see you there


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yeh but the rods are in

Wed, 2009-07-01 22:35

yeh but the rods are in Oceanside now if you dont want to wait.




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i second what honsu and jorn

Wed, 2009-07-01 11:26

i second what honsu and jorn said, have a look at the Etuoh Jig Force, beautiful rods when loaded up

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Thanks for all the replies

Thu, 2009-07-02 16:00

Thanks for all the replies guys.

Damo: I to own a 2-3pe jigmaster i bought from ocenside when i was still in perth, but i want to get rid of it as i find it to slow and not tippy enough for lighter plastics and taikbura jigs.


Those rods sound interesting honsu along with the ethohs. I think ill wait till im back in perth to get something as the range here in SA is just crap. Especially for light jigging/heavy plastic rods.

Is anyone importing the daiwa segate 3500 over there as i already have one matched to a team diawa salt water 12-17lb rod and its an amazing reel for the price ($300). If no one in perth has them  i might grab another one incase i decided to get a spin rod