Salmon rods and reels

 Hi all, 

Im sure this question has been butchered :/

But I am looking for rods in the 8-10ft range to cast lures for salmon, plugs, poppers and 20-30g twisties. Most likely off the rocks or small surf beach. 

I imagine 20lb braid and 30lb leader. Budget is around $80-130 (rod/reel ea), could go less. 

Any specific suggestions? Also fibre glass or graphite?


Thanks friends.



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 shimano raider rodshimano

Sun, 2019-04-07 21:20

 shimano raider rod

shimano nasci or shimano sedona 4000


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 I was in the same situation,

Mon, 2019-04-08 08:24

 I was in the same situation, bought a Daiwa Arid X (9 foot, 14-45 grams casting weight) for around $90 and am very happy with it.  Casts a twisty an absolute mile.  

Paired it with a Nasci 4000 running 20 lb braid.

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 Stay clear of fibre glass if

Mon, 2019-04-08 08:33

 Stay clear of fibre glass if you are into luring.

 First it takes away the sensitivity, so you can't feel much happening at the other end.

 2ndly, they weigh a tonne. You will be casting probably 300-500 a sesh, so something that seems ok for bait soaking will feel like lead after your 20th cast.

Try to look for K guide rods, not sure if they are available at that price point. Reason being you don't want wind knots given it is windy at beaches / rocks and a windknot may result in your 40g metal slice with trebles flyig back towards your face... K guide doesn't eliminate wind knots, but reduce it considerably.

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 Thanks mate. I see ratings

Sat, 2019-04-13 22:28

 Thanks mate. 

I see ratings for lure/cast weights, and one rod had 15-30 grams, 8-17lb rated. Is this just ideal?

Will it be able to cast a 2 oz (60gram) lure without the tip snapping



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Sun, 2019-04-14 16:25

Nah, you wont be able to cast 2oz on a rod rated 15-30g. It will overload the rod and snap it. Anything really outside the stated cast weight wont allow the rod to perform as intended. You can get away with a few grams here and there, but more than double? You'll be running a greater risk for snapping the rod. Even if it didn't snap, you would still get better casting distance with the lower weight as the rod will bend and load up properly, allowing it to fling the lure further out.

I have a Daiwa Seajigger SJ 325M 10'6" for my lure throwing rod from the beach. It is rated 30g - 100g lure cast weight,  but have found that 40-70g is the best weights for that rod to cast. Mot of my lures for the beach are no based around this value. I use 20lb line for it, as the rod is rated 6-9kg line.

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Shimano Cranx 9ft is my

Tue, 2019-04-16 12:53

Shimano Cranx 9ft is my preferred for casting for salmon. Use 15lb braid and usually 40g metal slices. You will send lures halfway to Rottnest

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 Cheers, do you know what

Tue, 2019-04-16 22:43

 Cheers, do you know what vast weight the rod is rated for?



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It doesn't say on the rod but

Wed, 2019-04-17 00:41

It doesn't say on the rod but I've used it to cast 25g slices up to big triangle sinkers with half a herring fillet.

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 I disagree with some of the

Wed, 2019-04-17 08:05

 I disagree with some of the above.

I have a custom glass salmon Slayer and it punches lures 20-60g a mile.

When someone says you lose sensitivity that is taking things pretty seriously. If you can't feel a SW salmon hit a lure then you must be using wicket keeping gloves. 

Also regarding casting 300-500 times, that would potentially mean landing 100-200 fish. No thanks.

If you don't live and breath Salmon fishing but want a good solid rod for throwing lures and also throwing lumo straws and blobs to Herring then the right glass rod is fine.

Mine was a 9/10 until I snapped the top two foot off in Bush tracks 2 weeks ago. Still devo!

Happy shopping

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Snapped rod

Wed, 2019-04-17 08:58

That is the very reason why you should always transport your rods with the butt end facing forward.  Observation would suggest that very few people do this.  Similarly have the rods on the RHS of the vehicle rather than the left. 



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 And don't drive pissed on

Wed, 2019-04-17 12:27

 And don't drive pissed on overgrown tracks in the dark