sandfly attack

 In my many years land based fishing in and around City Beach to Scarbs I've never got more than the odd mozzzie bite. But Friday evening just gone, bit north of floreat drain, I was eaten alive by sandflies! I didn't even know they happened in Perth. Hundreds of bites. Next day my feet looked as though I had a new pair of lumpy red socks on.


So be warned, and maybe wear some insect repellant. might just be seasonal but nothing I've ever expereienced in Perth before.

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Bugger my worst nightmare

Mon, 2018-02-05 16:35

 Used to get hammered by them around carnarvon


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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 i just have never have even

Mon, 2018-02-05 17:12

 i just have never have even thought about it fishing metro. up north i spray with everything and cover up for sure. 

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 My record is 82 of the

Mon, 2018-02-05 19:19

 My record is 82 of the bites. Horrible stuff

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That's bad news

Mon, 2018-02-05 21:49

Have come across plenty of places above Geraldton with sand flies, certainly don't want the damn things around the metro area.

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 Brown vinegar works a treat

Tue, 2018-02-06 21:36

 Brown vinegar works a treat for relieving the itch.