Sandy Cape

Hey guys, I'm taking the kids up to Sandy Cape campgrounds for 2 nights of camping, fishing and sandcastles from Sunday. Was wondering if anyone has been up there recently and can report on the fishing? Going to be fishing off the beach mainly for bread and butter species and maybe a larger rod out with a mulie just in case. Also what are the camping grounds like? Look pretty good on google earth

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Yeah camp gounds good on the south side

Tue, 2013-09-10 20:54

shouldn't have any probs getting some tailor, herring, whiting or so, there is a nice big sandhill for boarding on, I am sure the kids will love that..
Could be a little bit of weed around after the coming front goes through, talking 5 to 6 mtr swell over the next few days..


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Nice spot

Tue, 2013-09-10 21:25

I've never camped there but been there for several day trips. Inside the bay it gets pretty good protection from the elements, but expect the weed will be around. Berley up for some whiting and hezza. Have heard of some bigger stuff being caught there from time to time. Lovely spot to camp, safe for the kids. Hopefully they have graded the road in recently :-p 

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Cheers guys

Tue, 2013-09-10 22:05

Am really looking forward to it. Going to take the fourby so zipping up the beach away from the weed shouldn't be a problem if it is around


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We were up there over easter,

Wed, 2013-09-11 08:39

We were up there over easter, and plan to go back up during late October. Camping for a couple of nights each time.

Over easter, there was a big swell, and fishing was crap due to weed. A few boats went out (car toppers) and they seemed to be catching whiting but speaking to some other folks, during September, the bay is full of Taylor.


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I ducked in for a look

Wed, 2013-09-11 13:42

I ducked in for a look yesterday, it's weedy at the moment!

Camping grounds are nice, and you'll find the usual tailor, herring and whiting.

I suspect the weed will hang around too as the weather comes in

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Agree with the comments

Wed, 2013-09-11 15:19

regarding the camp ground. It is pretty decent, but when I was their last there was no water and just a long drop for facilities. Not sure how that has changed of late. May or may not be a problem for family.

Also if you have a 4wd you can head off north out of the Sandy Cape camp ground on the coastal tracks towards Green head. If the weed is in it may be worth some exploring for a fishable spot. Tracks can be rough in parts (where ppl have not lowered their tyre pressures) but if your tyres are down and your 4wd is reliable you will be fine. Some nice reefy / fishy looking spots up there if you can avoid the dreaded weed.




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Wed, 2013-09-11 18:06

 I was there in July.  There are chemical toilets I think, and no water.  Was weed on the beach then, but got some herring and a tailor off the rocks south of the campground.

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Tue, 2013-09-17 18:20

 Sunday night was good, found a clean section of beach north of the camp ground but by the time I got a bait in the water just after dark, it was just weeded out so gave up after 1 cast. Moved back south on monday to a little bay with a few trees pretty much right on the waters edge, great spot. Just as we got the tent up and were preparing a fire pit the wind started coming in strong off the cold front that was coming through. So packed up my tent for the second time in a day and rushed into Jurien and got into their last chalet. On a positive note, I have a heap of bait and firewood ready for my next beach fishing trip and learnt to look a bit deeper into the weather bureau's forecast of "scattered showers" in the future!