asi rock wall

plannig on going down to the asi groyne rockwall this weekend or sometime in the holidays, just wandering if you need any perrmission to fish off it we went down there yesterday and there was a big sign saying you need councils perrmission or somthing and huge boulders blocking it off, so we ended up fishing the rockwall on the other side, we didnt have much luck we just had snag after snag 

does anyone have any tips and info on how to fish the rockwalls what kind of baits, where about abouts along the wall and what type of riggs ect

i was mainly targeting pinkies and whiting

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Wouldn't bother

Sat, 2013-09-21 15:12

I've been hitting it up a bit lately, been dead. You can fish anywhere along the rockwall, the boulders are to prevent vehicle access.

There has been nothing biting on the surface and only small tarwhine up and down the rock wall on the bottom. You could have a crack for a snapper - always a never know. Plenty of info on snapper rigs on this site - fresh bait is important. Also squid are generally around, the left hand side of the wall has some nice clear water so probably your best bet for them atm. 

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Good Chance

Sat, 2013-09-21 15:27


 of snapper during the rough weather, hour before sun up and sundown, you need ya wet weather gear and a good beach rod.

Always used running star sinker of the leader to 2 snelled hooks, 7 - 9/0's with good freash baits or scalies.

You need to belt it out there, wind in the slack and leave it unless checking / changing baits. When you are going to bring ya bait in you need to stand tall with a high rod tip and give it plently to get the gear up to the surface, anything less and you will get snagged, ive used the heavier star sinkers in the roughest condition and very rarely loss rigs. Glow sticks dont hurt either.

Good luck