Seafox 236

Hi can anyone who may know give me some honest opinions on the Seafox 236 walk around 2008 0nwards. Been thinking of buying one and would love to hear good or bad from anyone who has fished from one or been out in one in WA conditions.
Thanks Slip.

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You looking at the one on

Wed, 2013-12-04 09:02

You looking at the one on Gumtree?

Looks like an absolute pearler but I haven't been on one sorry

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seafox 236wa

Fri, 2013-12-13 06:58

 Hi Slippery,


have a 2009 236WA that i purchased from the states around a year ago.

I have seen that seafox on gumtree and it does look very nice (same as mine actually) :)

It has been a very good boat to date and i have taker her 30km out in some strong easterlys, and it performed bery well, the only real point to note is that turning at high speed is not one of it's strong points, just tends to lean over and slowly turn, unless you really give the wheel a turn.

I found that with a 1/4 tank the stability of the boat fluctuates on the plane as the fuel moves around the tank, i would use the tabs to level the boat, however after a turn the boat would still be leaning over, i would have to use the wheel to flick the boat to level it. the problem rectified its'ef when i filled the boat up above half a tank.

From the reports i have read the seafoxes prior to 2007 had issued with their construction & quality, however after this they are not to bad, however the reputation remains of the earlier versions. 



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Seafox 236

Sun, 2013-12-15 16:48

Thanks Scoweb
It's great to get a real opinion from someone who is running around in one. I have read some threads and yes the 2007 onwards models were put through new Q&A also 3 or more of the employees bought the company and turned it around in terms of getting rid of dead wood and bringing in new blood.