secure accommodation in Gero?

 Looking for somewhere to stay for the night in Gero en route to further north. 

Will have a boat so hoping for somewhere with secure parking so i dont have to unload all my things into the hotel room.



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When?If I’m at home welcome

Tue, 2019-03-19 09:17


If I’m at home welcome to crash overnight, plenty of spare beds and parking, live on beach  below 440.


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have sent you a PM Rob

Tue, 2019-03-19 09:19

have sent you a PM Rob

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African Reef.

Tue, 2019-03-19 09:25

The last few trips north to Denham, we have stayed at the African Reef motel.
Budget priced, comfy rooms, decent brekky if you wish to stay for it and on the main road so no detours through town.
Never had a problem about security with the boat or car. Plenty of room for the boat.
Could be better places but this is where we stayed.
Alternatively, drive through to Billabong and stay at the pub.
Smaller rooms but great food and half way to Exmouth.

cheers Rob


Cheers & Stay safe

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 We stay at Drummond Cove

Tue, 2019-03-19 14:33

 We stay at Drummond Cove Caravan Park just nth of 440..safest place in Gero...because its not in


If we are just the boys trip, we push through to Northbrook Farm Stay, extra 40, cheerful dongas, but 100% safe as in the middle of nowhere.


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 Hit Carso up mate Might even

Tue, 2019-03-19 19:14

 Hit Carso up Keith 

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This is true  

Tue, 2019-03-19 20:22

This is true