Seeking bit of info getting Medium Rigid ( MR ) licence

 Hi All

Just seeing if anyone has sat their MR lic and whats involved in the actual practical driving test recently .

Son is 19 needs to go for it to secure F/T permanent position doing deliveries.

He was deckie on the Sealink Rotto Ferry however that closed up when Covid hit . As he was a casual at SL and being there for only 6mths he couldnt get any jobseeker/keeper/youth allowance so he he is wanting some stability with permanent work while he tries to get his hours for coxswain as he finished up his studies - Cert 2 in Maritime Operations just before starting there.

He has been doing anything and everything he can get work wise eg: he did a few stints at Kalbarri on mates farm running quad bike tours and general farm work and at moment working casual with a builder a few days a week but thats finishing up and a few days packing frozen berries in a wharehouse.

Has had his C for over 2 years manual and has checked out the DOT website for all the tests and process so all good with that aspect.

Really trying to work out does he need to fork out for some formal lessons or not beforehand with a driving instructor and what the driving test entails. Am guessing he will just to have access to a vehicle to do the test but seeking any info anyone might have about it.

Appreciate any help




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 Wright way do a one day

Thu, 2020-09-24 10:06

 Wright way do a one day course and test When they feel you are competent that would be a pretty decent option. Only around $600 or so all up. 

Been years since I did mine but have sent a few guys through. 


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 Did HR with Wrightways years

Thu, 2020-09-24 10:46

 Did HR with Wrightways years ago, good people. My advice would be to check on cost difference between HR and MR, if HR isn't much more expensive do that, more useful in the long run as your not confined to just 2 axles so if he ever looks for driving jobs elsewhere that licence gives him more scope

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 agree - if u paying and it

Thu, 2020-09-24 15:09

 agree - if u paying and it aint much more get HR - or even HR combo  -plus 1 trailer 

also pm send re some possible deckie work for him to get c time up

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Thanks All

Thu, 2020-09-24 15:45

Really appreciate the help.

Will speak with him and he can work it thru. Where he is working now they told him they would give him FT permanent work doing deliveries if he gets his MR asap so he can look into it and decide what he wants to do either HR or MR ... You can only lead the 19 y/o horse to the water, you cant make it drink !   

Shark1 , got your message and thanks heaps for the offer , I will let him know as he certainly wants to keep heading in the direction of where he was going work wise on boats etc , just at moment he wants some certainty of permanent work / getting the bank balance back up .A great option for him on the side to get his hours up and running again.  

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 I would definitely go H R .

Thu, 2020-09-24 18:57

 I would definitely go H R . So many more options now and in the future. Back when I got my truck licence I went for what was back then b class. Should have gone straight for c . That's going back 30 years . There is plenty of work out there with the right licence 


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Go the HR licence

Fri, 2020-09-25 11:14

 I used Keen Bros. Two day course including test. That was a road ranger gearbox aswell.


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Go the HR for sure

Sun, 2020-09-27 12:23

Hi mate, tell your son to go for his HR (if possible tell him to go for his unrestricted licence - Road Ranger - 18 speed) as the benefit of him obtaining his HR is that he wont be limited in what rigid he can drive which will provide him with greater opportunities and in the future he can upgrade the HR straight to an MC (with a permit, lessons and test) which will benefit him if he ever wants to go up North in the mines or if he wants to drive road trains. On another note another sensible thing for him to do is a load restraint course (usually 1 day course) this will also benefit him as he will have an understanding of correct load securement which is what is needed in this day and age of Chain of Responsibility laws and regulations.

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We do HR within the RTO. 

Wed, 2020-09-30 10:21

We do HR within the RTO.  Located in Balcatta.

HR would be the way to go.  Our trucks are Syncro and Roadranger.

If your interested call Stuart on 04 27 159 039 and tell him I toild you to call.