Shark Bay help


Im heading up to Shark Bay for the first time in a couple weeks and was hoping for some help on land based fishing. I have a good 4wd but will have the family so anything too adventurous would be out of the question. Anyone familiar with the area and could tell me where I could start?


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Cape Peron

Mon, 2021-08-30 08:39

 Take the drive up to Cape Peron if you want to try for a pinkie off the beach, night time is best.

For whiting then down to the keft from the IGA roundabout on high tide.


The town jetties at night for squid -------that is if you can find a spot

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 Yep the very tip of Cape

Mon, 2021-08-30 14:32

 Yep the very tip of Cape Peron right on sunset is killer for pinkies. Just a normal single dropper bottom rig cast into the gutter in front. Nothing much happens until the sun hits the water and then it's game on! We caught our 6 good sized pinkies in about half an hour.