Slim beauty knot - question

Before I start with my question can I just say this forum is an amazing source of information. I've found the advice that has been posted here by all the members invaluable, the "search" button has become my best friend! Wink

I have a question to the forum members who use the Slim Beauty Knot to join mono leader to braid. I find the knot very easy to tie, very strong and, as the name suggests, very slim. However, when I use it on heavier line (50lb braid and 80lb leader) I find the figure eight formed when tightening the double overhand knot in the leader does not close properly, it stays slightly open no matter how hard I tighten. Doesn't seem to affect the knot strength but is a bit disconcerting. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Are there any other ways to finish off the knot so that the mono knot does tighten? I use Black Magic leader.

Thanks in advance.


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pliers on the tag end is how

Sun, 2010-11-21 21:31

pliers on the tag end is how I close it up, it is easier on the supple stuff though