So far in bunbury

 Ive been kayaking bunbury a bit lately in my tandem and so far I havent found much in the way of features or fishing grounds. The sounder has basically not stirred me and no waypoints are saved! Ive tried around the groyne, i've poked around in the harbour and cruised off the cut. The dolphins are my no.1 suspect at this point.

Are there any inshore reefs/features anyone knows of or would like to share off Bunbury? Ive been avoiding beaches lately due to periods of swell but definitely expect thats my next stop.

Is Bunbury strictly better to fish at night time? Ive heard stories about the shipping channel but wonder if its only night time.

Does anyone know what the deal is with the collie river? When is the best time for mulloway in there?


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 Hi Trav32,  In my ltd

Fri, 2012-05-25 16:53

 Hi Trav32, 


In my ltd experience, the ground off Bunbury is mostly sand wiht scattered coral lumps ( hit and miss) but the 4 mile reef ( find it by sounding for water 50-52 foot deep, goes to 46 foot when over the reef) does invite the itinerant fish.


However, when the gill netters have been through ( i.e. April - May) they rape the sea of the local fish and the pickings get very lean.





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 Shipping channel has tailor

Tue, 2013-01-08 04:36

 Shipping channel has tailor like anywhere atm but in saying that I've only had one make the rod flex enough to get me excited. I heard about bonito and snook getting caught out from the cut but my sounder just picked up all the weed. When the swell settles deff go off the beaches. Got any squid spots in bunbury?