Sooty Grunter on freshwater fishing signs in southwest???

 Hey all, in the last couple of weeks I've noticed that 'Sooty Grunter' have been added onto a number of freshwater fishing spots such as the Harvey and Wellington dams along with trout and cobbler etc..

i haven't heard any news of them ever planning to stock, or stocking Sooty Grunter into south west dams and am just wondering if anyone has any idea on why they're being added to freshwater fishing signs along with their size/bag limits ?

Any info would be appreciated? Cheers guys!




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the signs on the warren river

Wed, 2013-12-11 08:31

the signs on the warren river have sootys on them as well. I don't think there are any sootys down here.

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I think they are just

Wed, 2013-12-11 08:58

I think they are just universal signs that take the information from the freshwater section of the Rec fishing guide. No sooty grunters in the south west as far as I know.

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Bummer they'd be bloody good

Wed, 2013-12-11 09:32

Bummer they'd be bloody good fun

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There are a few Silver Perch

Wed, 2013-12-11 12:02

There are a few Silver Perch (also in the Grunter family) in some of the SW dams. I have seen photos of one caught in Harvey Dam and a friend of mine has caught two (also seen the photos) out of Waroona Dam. But as others suggest, the same signs are probably also up north (where the Sooties are) and the locals are scratching the heads wondering if there are Trout in the rivers!

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 It's just odd because I

Wed, 2013-12-11 13:50

 It's just odd because I noticed that the sign at Wellington dam was originally just rainbow trout, freshwater cobbler, and Redfin. So why go to the effort to replace the sign with all the same fish, same rules, and add sooty's to the list to confuse people. and yeah Poltergeist there's a few Silver Perch around. I know of a couple of private dams full of them (stocked) . I think Fisheries should consider stocking a few dams with them as they're fast growing and I've caught them to 42cm and they pull like absolute trains. Awesome fun on lures and light gear.




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 I heard it was an accident,

Fri, 2013-12-13 19:34

 I heard it was an accident, the sooty grunter is supposed to be redfin.

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 Surely you'd think at least

Fri, 2013-12-20 11:21

 Surely you'd think at least one fisheries officer would have picked up on that before they installed the new signs. Probably don't want to fork out the extra money to fix it.