South West Marine Conference and community workshops

South West Marine Conference and community workshops

Two separate but related events. 1. South West Marine Conference, 2. Community workshops.

1. Conference. Details

Friday 8th December 2006, Edith Cowan University Campus (Building 6) Bunbury.

The "South West Marine Conference" aims to highlight the vast array of Marine projects and initiatives that are currently underway in the South West NRM Region.

The community, NGOs, students, marine researchers and those with a general interest in the South West Marine Environment are invited to attend.


Sense of Place (South West people and their connection with the SW marine environment)

A presentation of SWCC’s marine investment and projects in the South West region

CREEL survey in the Hardy Inlet – Dr Lynnath Beckley (Murdoch University)

The impact of recreational fishing of West Coast demersal fish stocks. Neil Summer (Department of Fisheries)

Marine Debris and surveys – Samantha Gibbs (Tangaroa Blue)

Marine Futures - Heather Taylor (Marine Futures)

Removal of Algae on Fish Assemblages - Dr Euan Harvey (University of WA)

Population dynamics of two West Australian Haliclona species (Porifera: Demospongiae: Haplosclerida: Chalinidae). Dave Abdo (University of WA)

The Statewide NHT Project on Introduced Marine Pests in Western Australia - Mike Travers (Department of Fisheries)

Release mortality of temperate demersal fishes in WA - Dr Jill St John (Department of Fisheries)

Marine and Coastal Research in the South West
• Geographe Bay: The big picture – Geocatch
• Water quality marine monitoring - Dr Malcolm Rob (Department of Water)
• GIS mapping of Geographe Bay – Dr Kimberley Van Neil (University of WA)

• Benchmark studies on marine communities in WA for long term monitoring including proposed sanctuary zones of the Capes Marine Park - Dr Mark Westera (University of WA)

• Marine education to the community and schools - Liz Macquire (Department of Environment and Conservation)

• Extension and diversification of the Volunteer Fisheries Liaison Officer - Gilbert Stokman – (Department of Fisheries)

WA research Angler program benefits for fisheries and environmental managers in the South West - Dr Kim Smith (Department of Fisheries)

An overview of fisheries management in the South West - Jason Froud (Department of Fisheries)

WAFIC- Engagement of the WA Fishing Industry in NRM/Commercial Fishing in the South West - Felicity Horn (WAFIC)

Sustainable tourism- The Dolphin Centre’s Experience - Andrew Horan (Dolphin Centre)

Whale migration and observation in Flindler’s Bay and Geographe Bay - Steve Mitchells (Naturalist Charters)

Surf Science and Technology: Beyond Surfing - Rob Holt (Edith Cowan University)

The proposed Geographe Bay, Leeuwin-Naturaliste and Hardy Inlet Marine Park Liesl Jonker (Department of Environment and Conservation)

2. Walpole to Mandurah - coastal & marine environment workshops. Details

The University of WA has just completed a report detailing the current state of knowledge and recommending the action needed now. See

Mandurah: Monday 20th November 2006 5pm - 9pm Mandurah Yacht Club Mary Street Halls Head

Bunbury: Tuesday 21st November 2006 5pm - 9pm Koombana Bay Sailing Club Koombana Drive Bunbury

Margaret River: Wednesday 22nd November 2006 5pm - 9pm Margaret River Education Campus W10 Class room - Winery Complex Bussell Highway Margaret River

Walpole: Thursday 23rd November 2006 5pm-9pm Walpole Recreation Centre Latham Avenue Walpole


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