Spess's joke time.

A couple on there honeymoon diside to go to Queensland so they can visit the barrier reef. On there arrival the bloke got sick and was sick for 3 days straight when his misses desided to go out on a diving charater by herself as she was sick of sitting around careing for her husband. The next day she went and her husband waited all day for her arival, which never happened! He waited for 2 days and then desided He was about to call the police when they happened to knock on his hotel door. Hi mate we have got some good news, very good news and some not so good news. The husband said well we might as well start off with the bad news. The officer said, sorry mate we have found your wife on the barrier reef! She must of got stuck and ran out of air, then drowned! Ok then said the husband, whats the rest of the news. Well said the officer the good news is when we pulled her off the bottom see had this on her. He handed the husband a dive bag full of crayfish, abalone, mortan bay bugs and a coral trout! Oh thanks said the husband but whats the reaaly good news then? The officers say "were pulling her again tomorrow and hopefully we get a hell of alot more".

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Tue, 2007-03-13 13:35


Born to fish forced to work


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One more.............This

Tue, 2007-03-13 14:51

One more.............
This lady walks into target to get a rod and reel combo for her husband but hasnt got a clue what to get. She sees this guys with dark glasses on behind the counter and picks up a rod to see what he says. As she shows the guy he tells her that hes blind and cant see the rod! But if she drops it on the counter he can tell her everything she needs to knoe about the gear she has selected! She thinks its bullshit but does it anyway! "bang" well that would be 6'6 shimano tcurve with a 4000 sized stella loaded with 15lb fireline, and retails for $500!he says. Thats bluddy amazing she thinks and says she will buy it. As the blind cashier is just about to scan it she lets rip with a fart! But thinks to herself that because hes blind he actually wont know who it was. That will be $525 thanks he says. I thought you said $500? Yeah i said $500 for the combo but the duck whisle is $20 bucks and the dried mulies are $5 a packet>

Ive got a few more but until next week "these are the days of spess's fishing jokes".

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Funny stuff dude. Love the first one I'll rate it MAXY

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I know its not really

Tue, 2007-03-13 15:41

I know its not really fishing related but i just happened to read the other colunm on the cyclone and some believe i talk alot of shit! (thanks for the back up shag) Im just trying to keep it alive alittle and im sure if some more of you guys meet me well get on fine. The odd joke, as it is to do with the fishing subject doesnt hurt anyone and i only put up 1 a week, maybe 2. As for fishing knowledge ive travelled around australia for 2 years and fished in the most unique locations you could imagine and met alot of people with a world of fishing knowledge! People who have taught me everything i know. From barra to herring ill always have a say with what works or worked for me, from rigs to gear and locations. Even if its not always right in your opinion it is in mine. Have fun thats all that counts to me. And cheers max199 glad they made you laugh. This is the best site around and anyone that gets alittle shitty with someone else on the site should maybe send them a pm so i dont have to lissen to your shit! lol.

Keep it tight, reeeeeeel tight!