Spin or Overhead?

Interested in getting into some jigging, planning to spend a fair bit more time offshore. 

What is your preference regarding a jigging setup. Better to go overhead or spin?

Preferably going for pinkies/dhuies/sambos. 

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Sat, 2013-07-06 23:49

 hi mate,

in my point of view,

depend on jig weight and the depth of ur regular fishing ground~

for example~ i will stick to spinning when i jig in 20-60m, on jigs range 40- 150grams~

and i will go overhead if the jig weight is over 200gram and depth more then 60m~

the reel gear ratio play an important role too~~

low gear ratio will not go wrong in jigging~




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 jm overhead for sambos due

Mon, 2013-07-15 00:00

 jm overhead for sambos due to power and gear ratio. stella4s fro demersals due to freespool, ratio, and ease of use

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Mon, 2013-07-15 08:45

As mentioned by the lads up top, In anything under 60-80m and using jigs around the 80 - 200g mark spinning reels are the way to go. Especially when chasing demersal species. The most effective techniques for targeting demersals are generally easier to learn with spinning reels over overheads due to gear ratio and line lay.

If you wanted to target Samson fish in anything over 60m then a quality Overhead outfit running anything from PE 3 to PE 5 will be more than sufficient and it will give you more cranking power against these hard running species.

Two outfits is always handy though If wanting to stick with one then you will need to decide what species you want to target the most.

If you need any ideas on outfits and advice on tackle and how to target species feel free to drop past the shop and we can help you out.



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Cheers guys, some great

Mon, 2013-07-15 16:14

Cheers guys, some great advice there.

Sounds like a spin outfit will best suit my target species and fishing style.

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I really think you need to

Tue, 2013-07-16 10:15

I really think you need to try both and see what you find most comfortable.

Personally I much prefer overhead for jigging both demersals and the bigger stuff. The only downside is that there are less choices in viable rod and reel options in Overhead than there are in Spin.

I used to jig spin exclusively, but didn't start catching fish reliably until I switched to overhead. I think this is just because it suits my style/technique better and I find it much more comfortable to jig.



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