Steep Point - Paul and Pam leaving

Heard proper last week that CALM (or whatever acronym the dept of fuking up national parks access for the masses as a knee jerk to the actions of the few is known by nowadays) have decided that the Ranger (or Caretaker however you know Paul and Pam) has run his race and had his employment contract terminafter  - CALM have decided to go down a different path than have Paul and Pam on-site at steep point after 22 years in situ - are you fukin kidding me!!!!

i hope for everyone’s sake that they don’t replace Paul and Pam with a couple of university qualified greenies with PHDs in spotted quoll mating cycles, because its hard to image someone else being the jack of all trades that Paul has been for so long. Wonder what type of resume their replacements will have - mechanic? 4wd recovery? Road maintenance? Rescue boaty? Coordinator of rescues? Grumpy old prick that can mediate the most heated of arguments between territorial fishos? Master of CDF when it comes to a group of blokes being loud but good spirited? If not, then we’ve lost something as the tax payer when Paul and Pam leave next June...

from me, thanks for many many years of good service.

cheers Dicko and Mrs Dicko.



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 Good old Dpaw.. shut down

Sat, 2018-11-17 21:37

 Good old Dpaw.. shut down the track after a few drops of rain 

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First trip last year

Sat, 2018-11-17 22:11

I had my first trip to steep point last year. It was an amazing place and could only think to myself “I wonder how long before this place will be fucked” a bit sad but I guess it’s starting...

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 That sucks 

Sun, 2018-11-18 06:06

 That sucks