Before the Storm

With the storm front approaching there was the opportunity to get out nearshore on Friday and Saturday afternoon/night before the blow.  Never sure how its going to fish, but worth a crack.

Took the young fellas on Friday in a 10-15kn southerly and it was fairly slow, but a lot of big (750g+) skippy and undersized pinkies.  The highlight was Zane’s first ever size dhu.  Johnny got one at 49.95cm that had to be returned – brought up slowly on light gear in shallow water, minimum time out of the water, reoxygenated, and it swam down well.

Better conditions on Saturday (5kn) and Leigh got a couple of nice medium pinkies, amongst more large skippy and 7 big port jacksons!!!

Looking forward to Wednesday/Thursday next week when inshore conditions should be ideal for inshore pinkies on dusk.


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 Well done on the first legal

Mon, 2022-05-23 07:33

 Well done on the first legal dhuie 


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