Sunday session

Jsut finding out who might be up for a bit of a sunday session this week. Good excuse to meet a few of the FW crew and drink. Let us know preferences for pubs and we can try to get one sort of local for most people. So if your keen speak up and lets drink. Also am thinking of heading out tomorrow for a bash mabey on the sambos or fads so if anyone has the day off I have 1 or 2 spaces free so let us know.


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Sunday Sesh

Thu, 2005-12-15 11:20

Yeh.. I am more than keen.. I have the day off tomorrow so will be keen to come out with you.. I will send you a private message with my mobily number, just gimme a call or sms with the details and if your still keen to go tomorrow.. Weather looks like it will be good first with early seabreeze..

Looks like the weekend's weather has headed down the gurglur a bit.. I still think we are planning to go out, but will have to wait for further weather confirmations..

Definately keen to catch up for some afternoon beers.. Whats everyone's opinion on going down to the floreat pub.. They have a pretty good beer garden and have awesome food/nibblies as well.. Anyone keen for that? Maybe 3-4pmish Sunday?


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Sounds good

Thu, 2005-12-15 12:01

Sounds good to me

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I should be able to make it

Fri, 2005-12-16 09:18

I should be able to make it for a couple of coldies.

Off to the Cricket now wooo!


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Sunday's Catch

Mon, 2005-12-19 07:33

Had a very quiet day out on the water today, with wrasse and rock cod being the most predominant fish caught.

We had to work very hard to get a good feed, but it turned out to be a nice bag in the end.. The echo showed next to nothing all day except for one spot where we picked up the dhuie, a wobby (released) and something monster which busted me off..

And then the pub afterwards just finished off the day nicely..

Sundays Catch - December 18th