Suzuki Hose Flush

Discovered I have a hose flushing port after almost 3 years of owning my boat. The manual says to flush it either way but not to run it when using the flushing port but is it best to use the flushing port while the engine is still warm or will it still flush out the necessary areas cold?


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yamaha hose flushing ports

Sun, 2018-07-01 09:14

 Hi jackofrost80


I’m not sure about the Suzuki’s, but I know for the Yamaha’s they only recommend to use the hose flushing port if you can’t run the motor for some reason with water at the intake (ie ear muffs of similar). I believe this is because until the motor. Heats up and the thermostat opens, fresh water doesn’t run through the entire system. I think the hose flushing port is better then nothing but not great for day to day upkeep. Again, this is for Yamaha’s though.



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Yeah that was along my line

Sun, 2018-07-01 11:07

Yeah that was along my line of thought too i.e. the thermostat being closed. The flushing port does give it a good high pressure rinse though so might be good to use that after I've hit sand on the Mandurah flats.


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 Would love to see some hard

Sun, 2018-07-01 09:56

 Would love to see some hard facts on the flushing, everyone seems to have a different  opinion  on it.

I run a 300hp yamaha, flushed it with muffs(twin waterfeed), plenty of water preasure,motor running and ran till warm and no salt water taste out tell tail. 

Then used the flush point motor off of course and water was salty coming out of tell tail even after the flush with the muffs??

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Suzuki 225

Sun, 2018-07-01 11:20

i had a Suzuki 225 for 6 years which i did 650hours on and I always used the flush point.

the flush point on the Suzuki does get to every thing and pressurises the thermostat I believe as been told by 2 boat mechanics.

any way having sold this boat recently the new owner had a full engine inspection done prior to purchase and it came in as in excellent condition. 

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 When Im parking mine up I do

Sun, 2018-07-01 13:29

 When Im parking mine up I do it thru both (muffs first running, then port, stopped) only because its sitting for a while.
The reason not to run is because the impellor has no water, however if you have a failure at sea I see no reason you couldnt connect your deck wash to the flush port if the impellor was shagged already, to get home.

The main purpose of the flushing port is for boats that stay in the water to be flushed.
Having said all that, most thermostats have a jiggle valve or small hole to let some water thru even if cold, otherwise the water passages would stay empty until it opens which would quickly shag your engine from getting hot quickly then cold seawater rushing thru.


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 I have a yammie 150 four

Sun, 2018-07-01 13:06

 I have a yammie 150 four stroke 2005 model and  run 2 hoses , 1 through the flushing port and the other  through the muffs . I wait till the the tell tail is running then start the motor . Run it for 5 mins or so then shut everything down. It gets serviced every 50 hrs and hasn't missed a beat. I only live 5 mins from  the boat ramp so don't think the motor gets time to cool down. Who knows but doing it this way has worked for me.


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 Interesting we have a yammie

Mon, 2018-07-09 14:28

 Interesting we have a yammie f175 2016 model and the dealer told me not to bother with muffs at all , just flush for 10mins thru flushing port which is all ive ever done , thoughts ?? 


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