in the swan

Me and a mate decided to go out on the dinghy for a fish in the swan just light gear looking for choppa tailor. went to mosmon bay had a bit of a troll and i have never seen so many choppa tailor we ended up with 40+ in about 2 hours fantastic fun. was really good to see the swan so full of life all where between 25-30cm all went back to fight another day. i did take a cammera but i buggered up was not happy lol.

i did have one gripe tho we where fishing and we noticed there where lots of sail boats out. So we decided to go completely on the other side of the river where they were sailing up and down then after about an hour three sail boats came up to us on our side. now i know we have to give way so we stopped the boat tried to reel in the lures as fast as we could but these three d**ckheads came behind the boat within 2m and snapped us both off then p**sed offed. i was seeing red we had gone out of our way to keep clear sometimes people r just p**ks

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good way to spend the day,

Mon, 2008-12-01 10:31

good way to spend the day, the swan seems to be full of tailor at the moment. what lures did the damage?


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we had heaps of em at the

Mon, 2008-12-01 12:26

we had heaps of em at the narrows on small twistys and whitebait lures. smashing evrythiung we threw a tem

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i was using a couple of

Mon, 2008-12-01 12:29

i was using a couple of small rapalas, metals everything they where loving them

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same as myslef mate hit the

Mon, 2008-12-01 15:32

same as myslef mate hit the swan up saturday arvo trolled around north freo, got heaps of talior a fair few of them were sized, heaps of big herring mixed in with them, got all mine on little floting rapalas about 6cm.  Was great fun.