Tackle Backpack for Landbased Fishing

I'd thought I would share this option of carting your tackle around the beach. If you are a fishing junkie like me, then mobility plays a huge part in getting quickly to the best spots around the beach area.

This is a aluminuim frame riveted together, with a ammo box for all your tackle gear. I use a 18l cooler box for my bait and cold drinks. PVC piping to the side can take a rod each. This is by far the easiest way I have come across for mobility, whether your fishing from the beach or rocks. Looks heavy - but depends what you take with. Plan your day at the beach. Can easily go 2km - 4km with this backpack without having a haert attack from exhaustion - ha ha!! Besides all my gear on my back, I have a stainless steel rod spike in each hand that makes walking easier.

To give you an idea what fits into the ammo box;

First aid kit. 2 x rolls leaderline. 6 - 7 sinkers (6oz to 9oz), steel wire, tackle box with deviders for hooks, swivels ect. 8 x Sliding rigs in folding roll up bag. 2 x knives. Scissors. Tooth picks. Ghost string. 2 x Reels. 2 x pc's foam. Pliers. Sunblock. And then some space for any other add on's.

In my cooler box I might have 1kg sardines, 500gr squid, 3 x tuna heads, 2 x blue mack and 2 x 500ml cool drinks.

(sounds like a menu from Hog's Breath LOL)

Tight lines.



Every day at the Beach is a Good day!

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Looks sweet mate....well

Sat, 2011-03-26 12:59

Looks sweet mate....well thought out. Now put it to the ultimate test............head up to Quobba and walk in to Garths and the Caves.....that'll test ya!!

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Sat, 2011-03-26 14:23

Nice job mate. Might have to make one for myself.

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Thats great! Especially for

Sun, 2011-03-27 16:57

Thats great! Especially for those of us who dont have a 4wd and sometimes have quite a treck to get to a spot!


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Pearler!! Looks a lot like

Mon, 2011-03-28 10:47



Looks a lot like some I've seen on Sealine.co.za.Very handy piece of gear.I want to make one that I can also put removable wheels on.Beats carrying ya stuff under arm and around neck etc.



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Hey fishabloke - spot on! I

Mon, 2011-03-28 12:12

Hey fishabloke - spot on! I bought mine from the guy who started the idea on Sealine - and when I went back home 3 years ago I met up with Brian and he made mine to order. So far so good and I can only give credit - accept of course more space for the 6 pack! LOL

Wheels sounds like a great idea - I know some okes who tried various ideas and shared this info on sealine. Maybe do a search to assist your idea.


Every day at the Beach is a Good day!

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Hi Blou Walvis,Yeah I'm a

Thu, 2011-03-31 07:50

Hi Blou Walvis,

Yeah I'm a member on Sealine.Joined because it's a no nonsense site with some great tips and good forums..also why I joined this site...always good to learn from others/contribute a bit.My back's not too good these days and I'd like to build a motorised (electric) trolley one day.Not too hard really,just spending the time & money..got a bit of one but not enough of the other.


My (now deceased) mate and I had reinforced aluminium deck chairs with a basic back frame and straps made out of seatbelts.Pretty basic but we could carry quite a bit of gear down and then have a seat to sit in.We carried back some pretty hefty gummy sharks and smaller bronzies too!..we like a feed a feed of shark here in Victoria..lekker as they say in SA!

Didn't fish the surf for a few years but am getting back into it.


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hey i have a good one and ill

Mon, 2011-03-28 21:23

hey i have a good one and ill post it soon has a cooler part and spots for rod tubes as well as plaenty of space for gear wi8ll try to put up a pic soon

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Very cool!

Thu, 2011-03-31 16:59

Very cool!