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Looks like I've got a bit lax being busy with work lately, please take note that if your comments disappear, it is because you have used text talk, not taken the effort to post to the standards this site requires or have breached the terms and conditions.  If you feel that there is a post which is offensive or not within the spirit that this site keeps and intends to keep, please PM me and I will investigate and take action.  I have always prided this site on its quality of content, which I believe is what sets it apart from others.





Extract from : Fishwrecked TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USAGE


Text or sms writing is not allowed and if Members persist, their accounts will be closed.

Posting of offsite web links with the aim of self promotion or advertising is not permissible and will be deleted.  No unapproved advertising of any business is allowed on this forum. 

Abusive, racist, sexist and vulgar language will not be tolerated and threads, posts or words deemed unacceptable will be deleted.

The forums are not to be used as ‘name and shame’ to vilify a business, group or any person.  Any post that is deemed to be defamatory will be deleted and all best efforts will be made to ensure such posts are dealt with quickly and satisfactorily.


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