New forum for Yachties

Hey Admin, any chance we could add a new forum area for us guys that love fishing.. but do it from our Yacht / Sailboats??

Then we could talk our yachtie talk, ask questions etc.... AND still stay on our favourite website!!!!!!   ;-)


Just a suggestion!!!




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just checking

Sun, 2012-04-22 11:12

Is this a joke or are you serious?


If so I will give it some consideration.


How are the grapes this year??? :)


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Sun, 2012-04-22 13:14

Nah mate, a serious question.....  It cant hurt... after a while it may add another dimension to the website...

I love nothing better than sailing around Shark Bay / The islands, catching great fish, camping, exploring etc....

and it would be excellent to find other like minded people on here that may want to chat about that side of fishing etc....

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Sun, 2012-04-22 16:17

The boys at Water Police have a well deserved acronym for the word YACHT -----yet another c%^% having trouble   and rightly so. At sea rescue more than 65% of our call outs are from yachts either broken down motors, run aground trying to get in or out or any of a hundred other excuses and once their problem is sorted they carry on like they are God's gift to boating.  and its their right for us to help them.

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Fair crack of the whip John

Mon, 2012-04-23 10:13

Plenty of people have a nickname for police, Pigs.  Does not mean they are all wankers.  Sea rescue perform a great role in the community but down here in Perth their reputation is not so great.  They are known for being a dads army and arrogant in dealing with all people, regardless of yacht or power vessel.  My parents and several friends have had incidents in bad weather, even in the woodies point marina where sea rescue have been on hand and have not raised a finger to help, saying they were busy at the time, when its clear they were just talking to mates and all that was required was to be on the dock to hang onto a rope. These people are paid up members of sea rescue.

I know people who have valid certifications who could use the sea time with sea rescue but have been discouraged from volunteering by the self righteous attidude of sea rescue who we all know could use more volunteers.

You are a volunteer of an organisation to help people regardless of their boat type.  If you dont enjoy it, or just dislike yachties, maybe its time to retire from sea rescue, after all, it is volunteer and everyone at sea has rights to a rescue(especially if they are paid members, regardless of fault at the time), under SOLAS if capable its everyones responsibility, not just sea rescue.  This being said, noone appreciates an ungrateful bastard, but you put on that hat then thats your choice.

Plenty of people say it on here all the time and ive been guilty of it myself - If you dont have anything nice to say, say nothing.  Dooma was just asking for a forum for yachties who fish to be set up.  If it doesnt concern you, why comment?

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Mon, 2012-04-23 11:50


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Mon, 2012-04-23 14:31

Not say that we don't help them, just stating that they are our main source of tow ins and when you count the number of yachts coming and going compared to power boats its a huge percentage.

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I must admit that one the

Fri, 2013-02-01 10:52

I must admit that one the comment about yachts and yachties has hit a raw nerve with me as I am an avid yachtie.


Thankfully, I have only once been in a situation where I was unable to get back to land without my own power, weather it be in a power boat, or on a yacht, but in saying that, I have been involved in three situations where sea rescue have become involved. Each time, I have been left with incentive to always ensure that I am properly prepared as to never have to deal with sea rescue organisations again, and shattered my ideas of volunteering with such an arrogant group


In the first instance, on a power boat, we had an engine failure, and the cowboys accelerated so fast when the tow line was attached, they ripped the bow bollard straight off the deck.

2nd instance was a power boat that had come aground at Garden Island. I was nearby and heard them hit rocks and we headed over to help them by firstly swimming some kids away from the boat and then helping the owner get his shit together.


Once sea rescue came along, firstly the guy fell overboard then proceeded to make some of the dumbest decisions which ended up in the keel being ripped off this boat, and it sinking due to it being towed sideways. This is after I shouted at the skipper of the rescue boat twice to accelerate hard forward before he hit the same rock. Too busy talking to other people to know where his prop was.


The final one was after we had retrieved a man overboard from another boat. They refused to give medical equipment to a doctor and when they did, the goods handed over were out of service. On the way in to the port (we didn’t transfer the patient) they demanded that we take him to a jetty that we couldn’t safely get into (the guys was conscious and in his words fine, but we didn’t believe him at that point).

What followed were some of the most ignorant emails  I have ever received which were all based around self praise.


Now I understand that there is clearly a need for these organisations but some of the people that front them have no people skills and are far too arrogant to be what the public see or deal with.

I do understand that they deal with some nutters whom should not be in charge of a boat but the arrogance displayed by the people I have dealt with has been really not a good representation of the sea rescue organisation as I am sure that not everyone is like that.


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Mon, 2012-04-23 08:48

You'd never get that from me!!!!!  

My cat would only draw knee deep water so running aground is not an option!!!   And as for motor breaking down....

Thats why I have sails!!! 


Usually it would be a lack of maintenace Id say if their outboard breaks down...

BUT.. Id have to agree with you that a lot of them are bloody arrogant p...ks!!  But not all!!!

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Tue, 2012-04-24 11:29

  I would have thought you of all people would have endorsed this.... as it would provide another avenue for discussion, education, etc...

AND maybe get to know some of the yachties on a slightly more personal level than, you rescuing them... and thats it, not to be seen or heard of again until needing a rescue again.


Any access to information / discussion has to only be a good thing???? 

It may just save you a couple of rescues in the future...  I myself am only happy to learn more and more, to become a better/safer person out on the water... Not only for my benefit.... but for the benefit of my crew, other boats, and of course Sea Rescue....