Thoughts on this set up.....Grady White 272 on a single axle trailer

 So called professional long distance transport firm .......they maintain quite legal in NSW ......wouldn't want to try it in the West

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 Thats a lot of weight in

Fri, 2024-03-15 13:22

 Thats a lot of weight in that image, and thats a big boat for a single axle.

I personally enjoy the redundancy of 4 tyres following me. 

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 make sure they have

Fri, 2024-03-15 15:19

 make sure they have insurance! 

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Are they single or duals on

Fri, 2024-03-15 16:05

Are they single or duals on that trailer.  Either way I wouldn't trust it with that weight. If dual if one goes the other often follows


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They argued with me saying they express transport

Fri, 2024-03-15 16:50

 All over Oz, they are single wheels not duals but from what I can determine from the Australian standard 2 tonne is the limit for a single and they admitted this was well over 3.5 tonne and I reckon nearer 4 tonne 

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Trailer Spec

Sat, 2024-03-16 12:10


The trailer appears to be a purpose built low profile truck (pig trailer) specifically aimed at keeping high loads as low as possible.

This is not an unusual trailer and despite being a single axle ( assume truck trailer spec) would be good to approx 8t. If the axle only has singles and not double wheels/ rims it is likely running super singles and the load carrying is expected to be similar or same without the weight and inconvenience of extra sets of tyres and rubber on the road.

The single axle 2t max is common in the lighter trailer builds associated with Boat trailer and float design for consumer use but in this instance the axles capacity would be way heavier spec including running gear such as brakes and suspension etc.

I agree if it was my pride and joy being loaded and transported for piece of mind a tandem allway seems to allow for a bit of redundency etc. But the heavy transport industry has regulations and standards to meet and would be heavilly scrutinised and checked.



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I used Express Boat Transport

Sat, 2024-03-16 14:29

I used Express Boat Transport recently to get my Hydrasports from Queensland to Perth. My boat came over on the exact trailer. These guys do this for a living and have been around for a while so no doubt know the regulations so I had no concerns. 

As strict as the transport industry is I doubt they would be taking risks to jeopardize their company. 

Highly recommend Matt & the team they do a great job.