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 Dumb question my boat has a toilet in the cab I didn't purchase the boat new so no instructions on using the toilet.It is a electric toilet with a open and close valve either side so I am assuming one is water in and the other is out taking girls out on the river tomorrow old girls that is and we know what there like with going to the dunny any info would be great 

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Sat, 2019-02-02 17:25

 I dont have an electric toilet, but once had a simple manual one without a sullage tank.  The valves either side will be stop cocks to shut off water flow in and out as you mention.  You will need both to be open to operate the toilet.  I know some electric toilets have 2 buttons to push to operate, one to fill the bowl with water, the other to pump it out. Some only have one button that does both operations.  Make sure to tell the girls not to put anything "foreign"down the toilet or you'll have fun pulling it apart.  And technically I dont believe you are allowed to use a marine toilet in the river unless it has a sullage tank.  You shouldnt be discharging into the river.  

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We have a camping loo for that reason...

Mon, 2019-02-04 10:20

No toilets usage in the river unless you have a sewage tank.

no discharge zone will include:
• marinas, yacht clubs, boat harbours and ports/maritime export facilities;
• inland waters;
• the Rottnest Island Marine Reserve;
• marine nature reserves and sanctuary zones within marine parks;
• within 500 metres of any aquaculture operation;
• within 100 metres of any recognised swimming area; and
• other designated areas of high environmental value.