Too much information on reels Need help

So ive been reading about reels for the last 3 days straight and now i think i have too much info in regards to reels. Basically i want to get my son a reel that he can use for jigging, and bottom bashing. i have a salina II 24kg jig rod at the moment for him but it came with a 16000 salina III reel which to me seems too big. So i was looking at saragosa, sustains and stradics (8000). Im impressed with the drag rating on the saltigas and now i just think anything without the 30kg drag rating is shit so im swaying to a saltiga or stella  6000.

So basically i want a reel that if he hooks on to say a 30kg Sambo he has a reel that will get it in but not a reel that is huge. So there you go please someone help me decide what will work because im starting to go insane. My method of thinking is if im going to spend $300 on a saragosa and its not good enough then i would have been better off buying a saltiga to begin with. Having said that my son is 11 a mad keen fisherman very advanced fishing wise for his age but is a saltiga just too much will he be ok with a cheaper reel and still be able to pull in large fish? I have no experience when it comes to buying reels for this type of fishing so im hoping people who go out all the time will be able to help me out. What do you use for this type of fishing?

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 iv got a saltiga 4000 and

Fri, 2013-02-15 10:53

 iv got a saltiga 4000 and 6500  and rate them very highly probly a 5000 model would be perfect the 6500 is pretty hardcore and the 4000 a bit light for deed see jigging iv also got a stella 8000 and is very versatile havent jigged with it but im sure it could handle some heavy line look at it this way if ur young bloke isnt using it u got urself a new toy and if looked after will last for a very long time just tell him not to let go 

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Try keep jigging and bottom bouncing

Fri, 2013-02-15 10:59

outfits separate. The reason for this is, jigging setup should be lighter. A bottom bouncing settup heavier to handle the lead weights and baits. Once you jig light and land a decent fish, the bottom bouncing setup will gather dust and cobwebs. We regulary land 20kg + sambos on pe1 - 3 and the reels have 'max' drag of only 8kg set at about 4kg, 30kg drag is way overkill. Looks like you may need a new rod as well. I would use a stella/twinpower/sustain   4000/5000 and a 5'5 to 6' pe 1 - 3/4 rod

hope this helps a bit, I'm sure other members have their own opinions

Sounds like your son is an ace fisherman !



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I personally wouldn't worry

Fri, 2013-02-15 11:50

I personally wouldn't worry too much about getting 30kg of drag. This is a 15-24kg rod running well below 10kg drag, versus a decent sambo. The look on my face may suggest a drag setting up towards 20 or 30kg would have me overboard.

The reel is a saragossa 14000 and like you I though it looked stupid/too big at first, but I just went with it. I like the line capacity.




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+1. 10kg of drag is more than enough.

Fri, 2013-02-15 12:43

 Fishing above 10kg drag is hard work. Plenty of fisher people do, but I would recommend a rethink for teenagers. 


If you have 50lb braid on a 10kg drag and something gets muffed up, you may well have the teenager pulled overboard.


Just my thoughts.



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Your 11 year old son would no

Fri, 2013-02-15 12:15

Your 11 year old son would no way ever be able to handle 30Kg of drag.

To tell you the truth im going on a limb to say 99% of fisherman cannot handle a saltiga at full drag for more that 5 minutes and anyone that tells you otherwise is full of it.

A few years a ago people where knocking of big sambos with spheros' so you dont need a $1000+ reel, obviously any reel can break so dont think a saltiga wont and a saragosa will. I fished a 5000 saragosa, abused it and it handled everything, i also own a 4000h and managed to bend the underspool assembly.

value for money i would recommend a Saragosa 10000 - 14000 depending on depths/line capacity required, both reels put out enough drag to stop most fish and the 10000 is still small enough for a younger angler to use easily. just make sure you match the rod to the reel.

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I think thats what i need

Fri, 2013-02-15 12:48

I think thats what i need someone to tell me that a cheaper reel would do the job. been in so many tackle stores and reading so much on the net i just dont now what direction to go in. i just want to make sure he is set up right.


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Fri, 2013-02-15 14:13

Thanks for stopping past the shop the other day, The 30kg of drag pressure is over kill and not something that you should get too wound up about. At the end of the day the young fella is probably going to struggle to even handle 8kg of effective drag. The Stradic 8000FJ is more then suitable for him. Its also lighter than the comparible size Saragosa which will be a bonus for him. Having personally landed 35kg Sambos on 4000 size reels im sure he will continue to catch the big ones as he did on his birthday trip with an 8000 thousand size reel or less.



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thanks mate yeah im going to

Fri, 2013-02-15 15:51

thanks mate yeah im going to stick with the stradic 8000. too much reading makes you doubt  everything. he likes the stradic so i will go with that so i will be popping into your store soon to pick it up. might grab a rod to match too so its a nice set up

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Too easy

Fri, 2013-02-15 16:34

We shall see you when you come through and more than happy to help select a rod thats suitable for what hes using it for.



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Tie your line to a 9L (9kg)

Fri, 2013-02-15 18:10

Tie your line to a 9L (9kg) bucket of water and try and lift it off the ground with your rod. Bet you struggle. But I wish my dad bought me a $1000 reel for me when I was 11. lol  

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 Not to throw a spanner in

Fri, 2013-02-15 19:04

 Not to throw a spanner in the works as the above suggestion of a Stradic 8000 is fine, as is the Saragosa 10000, if you do want to spend a little more and get a good quality reel that will do the Job and last a very long time I suggest the Penn Torque 5. In terms of a high quality reel they are good value as they are nowhere near the price of the Saltiga and cheaper than the Stella as well which may also be out of your price range.</p><p>the young fella will probably only handle about 8 kilos of drag which is fine for 50 lb braid.

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Drag ratings

Fri, 2013-03-01 08:26

Don't be concerned about drag ratings as stated above 10kg is more than enough all these reels with 30kg of drag are overkill you wouldn't be able to hold that much drag without being pulled overboard even 10kg of drag is heavy I recently caught a 20kg sambo on 4kg of drag and got him up no worries in 6-7minutes out of 50m of water.

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So my boy ended up with a

Mon, 2013-03-11 22:53

So my boy ended up with a daiwa exceler DA 4500 spooled with 300m 50lb daiwa tournament braid and a monster mesh rod. I gave it a go myself and got a pink snapper and shovel nose on it and im hooked on the lighter gear myself now so want a new combo for myself. i was so worried about the braid because it looked like it was as thick as cotton. seem to go alright but.