Trailer re-build and re-license

Gday all,

A couple of months back I got a bit of a shock when I took my boat and trailer over the weigh bridge. Totally empty it came in at 1T...

The boat is a 1982 Quintrex centre console, and the trailer a single axle, unbraked 1979 Roadmaster..

On our trips up north the boat would have at least another 300kg of gear in it, so I had to do something!

Over the years the trailer has had a number of upgrades and re-builds from getting broken numerous times on the Ningaloo track, so I had already strengthened it and added a few of the things listed below but I wanted to get it re-licensed at 1.5T to be legal. The following was added to allow this and improve the off-road towing:

Al-Ko 50mm ball off-road hitch

1.5T double eye springs with new Hilux shock absorbers

Landcruiser mechanical disc hubs

235/75R15 LT tyres

Drop-down spare 

Side clearance lights / reflectors etc

I would suggest if anyone has a similar sized boat on a single axle unbraked trailer to take it over a weigh bridge...

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Looks like it will last you

Wed, 2019-09-11 10:59

Looks like it will last you for many years to come!

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 with the shockies mounted at

Thu, 2019-09-12 14:56

 with the shockies mounted at that angle - does it still work effectively?

i m NOT trying to stir u up just really interested as i thought they must be withig 25 deg from vertical to work 


ahh and it looks the bit now

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They don’t work as good as

Thu, 2019-09-12 18:15

They don’t work as good as they could if the angle was a bit better, however they certainly do settle it over big bumps! I ran it for a while without the shocks when I first converted it to double eye springs and the difference with the shocks is huge!