Hey All,

I'm a US Sailor with the month of September off. After making it over to this side of the hemisphere, I am stoked to have the chance to visit. I am planning to hit Exmouth for some DIY fly fishing. Other then that any advice appreciated. I would like to travel and see as much as I can. A few questions if you don't mind.

Are there rules for camping? Can I just rent a car and pitch a tent on the beach?

Traveling around the country, would you suggest flying or train? I realize that is a time vs. $ question but I will have more time then the other.

Is it possible to catch queenfish, or baramundi from shore anywhere?

I plan to bring 7-16wt's, plan for the best expect the worst.

Thanks in advance.....

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If you're going to take your

Fri, 2011-06-24 21:54

If you're going to take your fly gear to Exmouth there are some good shore based option, but also worth getting out with Brett Wolf for the day. The pics say it all:

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alot of queenies off the

Fri, 2011-06-24 22:23

alot of queenies off the shore at exmouth,

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Sat, 2011-06-25 09:37

G'day mate,

I would suggest that you fly to Exmouth and then rent a car for your stay (no train to Exmouth, but you can drive).  If you wish to stay in the National Park, where the best sightfishing is, then you will need to book in advance and only some sites are available, otherwise its just show up and hope you get one.  It is camping only in the national park, otherwise you can camp at Yardie Creek Caravan Park, which is halfway between the National Park and the beach accesses on the west side and gives you plenty of options.

I would strongly suggest that you spend the money and go out with Brett from True blue bones, I think it is roughly $400 for the day, but I'm not 100% sure on that.  He is the local gun, feel free to say that you were pointed in that direction by Adam from Fishwrecked, he lives just around the corner from me.

This thread may also be of interest to you from some Austrian guys that came here with the same ideas you have:

Here is a video of some of their action:

If you have any more questions, just ask.




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Thanks, I will be flying up

Mon, 2011-06-27 11:58

Thanks, I will be flying up there and renting a car. I also will contact True Blue bones, I will be solo on this trip so it would be 800, I may be able to swing one day, but also will ask about other possibilities like if he wouldn't mind do a land based trip maybe for a bit less. Either way I am finally going to get to Australia and the fishing will be a bonus! Thanks again, I will google the National Park, but would you happen to have the link for reservations for camping?

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edb - exmouth

Tue, 2011-06-28 12:16

$800!  when you get your dates sorted, stick a post up on Fishwrecked and you may well jag someone holidaying in the area who wants to do a True Blue bones day with you, which would halve the cost.  It sure looks like a fun day out.    (Coral Coast for Exmouth)   Official govt website, lacking useful information and wasn't working this morning anyway.

best bet is to type "camping in Exmouth" in SEARCH underneath Strike Zone on the left and go through old threads.  You'll find valuable information in there.

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Thanks, upon choosing a

Tue, 2011-06-28 14:41

Thanks, upon choosing a destination for my vacation True Blue is what made the deciding factor for me. I would really like to catch up with someone and split a trip, only two short falls would be I have no phone, and since I am camping, staying in hostels on my way across the country I don't plan on bringing my laptop. But if anyone out there will be around in September and we could nail a date down, I'm in.
Found this website:
As far as campgrounds, I will try and look at each location in respect to the park, though any help as to which area I should focus on would be appreciated.
Anyone have a preference to tides they like to fish in that area? Since I have the month off would like to plan this part of my trip to coincide with the best tides.
Yep, I'm full of questions, so one selection?
Sorry our internet in our rooms is slow and we have to pay by download, else I could gather this. Thank you all again.....

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exmouth flies

Fri, 2011-07-01 12:14

Exmouth has great sight fishing when the wind allows. for spangos trevs permit and bones. If you’re chasing bones the water is often quite deep and they move fast.


On the flats use:

crabs that sink in a defensive posture, have some movement (marabou or zonker) and have good contrast with the bottom colour such as merkins (#1 to #2/0), EP crabs and mantis shrimp patterns. Make your flats flies heavy to get down quickly to fast moving fish, especially in the deeper water. Shrimps include epoxy shrimps tied Laspina style, spawning shrimps, zonker shrimps and many others.


If in doubt fish a 1/0 chartreuse or yellow over white clouser tied sparse.


I'd be packing some hard mono in 30lb or so for shock leader around reefy patches. I'd have a couple of spare lines. Buy a cheap net there and you will need some sungloves as well. There are some flies at BlueWater Tackle at Exmouth and a couple of the guys know about fly fishing.


The GTs are mental and worth targeting with a hardyhead imitation like DNA holo-ghost. This will also cover you for the big queenfish around there too.


A 9wt and 12 wt will see you through on your Exmouth adventure. There are loads of targets up there and a few fly guys you will meet in your travels. I’m sure that can give you the good oil on locations that are firing. If in doubt look for hardy head schools in close and you will invariably find the predators.


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Thanks Aaron

Sat, 2011-07-02 16:41

Thanks for the heads up....good information! Much appreciated