Two rocks north access

 Gday , been to Wilbinga a abit lately ( and getting the odd tailor) , but havent tried aroung dewers or flattrocks for a year or so , so can anyone 

shed some light on current track access thru that way.( Damepatti drive)

I kinda gave up on the area after all that track shutting and city of Wanneroo anticts a while back.

Just wondering if its back to normal or is flattrocks still only avail from the north , cheers.



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 anything that is city of

Mon, 2018-01-01 13:14

 anything that is city of wanneroo is illegal to access and they are fining people 500 bucks a pop.

 military rd is best entrance. 

 few of the 4wd clubs are pushing city of wanneroo to put in a actual borderline so people know exactly where they can go that isnt going to get them busted. 




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Fun police.

Mon, 2018-01-01 13:30

 Thanks Gilly , better to know I guess , I heard a A.B.C interview a couple of years back with the Wanneroo major whom 

 basicly stated that she had no idea why anyone would wont to drive on a beach or a rough track to get somewhere.

 Instead of embracing and controlling a great asett that would add to the attractions in the area, alot of councils just 

head for the lock it up mentality.

Anybody with more than a passing interest of offroading and access should read about how the yanks do it , thousands and thousands of miles 

of offroad trails for 4wds, atvs etc alot through national parks and crown lands.

Whole towns over there themselves host events and do very well out of it.

There was talk of a one way offroad trail being set up from two rocks to gero , but its gone no where., and never will going off

the way offroaders are treated in our state.



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 its shit i tell ya, the few

Mon, 2018-01-01 18:54

 its shit i tell ya, the few people i talk to who are involved in 4wd association state that wanneroo are by far the worst of the councils to work with. 

 there is zero interest in talking anything 4wdriving offroading in their region. 

 a side note to this is the state that people leave areas after they visit them, ive been apart of a few clean up days

 and the amounts of rubbish being left behind is staggering.

 local councils wont want to allow people in their regions if they have to spend huge amounts of cash cleaning up after them.

 im sure if wilbinga keeps getting treated the way it is by the dickheads amongst us gingin will have to step in,

 heres hoping the good work by the wilbinga shacks crew, the wallys and a few 4wd clubs are doing keeps it open for a while yet.

 all you have to do is read up on what happened to MOA murchison offroad to see the states stand on 4wdriving in WA