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Didn't really know what to call this, but check it out.. Has all sorts of news reports that come up each day which are specific to the water.. Seen some crazy stuff on there lately, worth a look.


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Hows this story - Aug 04

Mon, 2005-10-31 17:36

August 04 - Malaysian Papers.

A man has died in Malaysia after being attacked by a swordfish.

Azlieman Mantinpan succumbed to his wounds after the incident near the northern tip of Malaysian Borneo.

Mr Azlieman, a 30-year-old mechanic, was on a fishing trip off Kampung Limau Limauan, near the town of Kudat, when he was fatally wounded.

Police sources said he was swimming in the sea with friends when the 7kg swordfish leapt out of the water and struck him in the chest.

According to police, the nearest hospital was more than 50km away, and Mr Azlieman bled to death before he could be treated.

This is the first such incident for five years. In 1999 a fisherman died near Kota Baru on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, when a 2kg flying fish lanced him in the side, puncturing his lungs.


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#$@(&*%ing hell

Tue, 2005-11-08 00:56

We chase the bloody things around Exmouth.  That changed a few things for sure.

 Riot gear it is!