Using Leadheads for flounder and flathead

Hi everyone

Was mucking around with a few various leadhead jigs at the beach the other day. Luckily it was nice and calm and the water was clear and fairly shallow.

I was casting white feathered jigs and small leadheads with soft plastics presented as naturally as possible about 10 metres into a ditch . I was varying my jigging technique with twitches in different directions and random pauses and I could see flathead and flounder following the jig up into the shallows when it was moving, and burying themselves in the sand when the jig stopped. Some of the flounder followed the jig to within 1 metre of my feet. Unfortunately no strikes but its the first time I've seen them attract anything and it was really cool to watch.
I'm just wondering if theres any advice regarding jigging techniques or types of leadheads to use? I found the white feathered one attracted these fish a lot more than the soft plastic (can't remember the exact name of the plastic I was using but they were berkley gulps and shaped like a small bronze coloured whitebait or blue sardine)

Would love to land something using this method!


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IMO with "flatfish" and soft

Wed, 2007-10-17 11:41

IMO with "flatfish" and soft plastics you have to keep the lure moving at all times because they are ambush preditors and will nail something swimming over the heads. 2 to 3" grubs and fish patterns will do the trick with light heads, best of around 1/16 in wieght. If they are following the jig twich it erraticly and wind alittle faster this usally gets them into a strike but dont stop the lure because they will also stop!. As they get close to it make it swim faster as to tell the flattie the little offering knows its getting followed and is trying to get away.

Malibu jigs in the smaller sizes (white fethers) are the go but i also find the laser pro 45 in brown trout or crwlfish to be the best for diving lures and make sure you go for the suspending models and sinking ones because floatiers are not as good for these fish IMO.

3' bass minows in watermelon and 2' grubs in red smoke glitter are the ones ive found the best for plastics.

Methods of let the lure sink to the bottom and a twichy retrieve like........sink twich, twich, wind....sink twich, twich, wind is usally enough to get them happy enough to eat it.

Hope this helps and if not i could go into more depth on the subject if you like. Cheers Chris and good dluck.

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flouder/ flathead

Wed, 2007-10-17 11:46

flounder and flathead absolutly love soft placcies on small jig heads and they can be very aggresive at some time and very placid other times. On monday i went out walking the beaches around wanbro sound and ended up getting about 4 flathead and 6 flounder using 3" grubs and 2 of the flounder would have only been 4" at the biggest. When the water got shallow in some parts i walked out and fishing and you could see the flounder follow it but not hitting it but the best way to get them as spess said is just keep action in the jig as most of the time they wont hit a jig sitting on the floor

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Just use the good old

Wed, 2007-10-17 12:09

Just use the good old prawnstars there great CHEERS SHAG


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Wed, 2007-10-17 12:17

Thanks for the advice guys. I'll give it another bash tomorrow probably...a bit windy today! I'll get some of those grubs to try out. Fingers crossed.