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i have a 1990 v4 2stroke evinrude motor on my western craft I seem to be using more fuel lately, I used to get about 3 trips out to check the craypots out now I am only getting about 2 trips before I have to fill up again, I had a service done in October, is there anything I can do to get better fuel economy or is just tuff titties it's an old heavy two banger cheers and merry Christmas to all



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 Thats a very big increase in

Sun, 2018-12-30 09:17

 Thats a very big increase in your burn, especially if it's sudden. Any corresponding change in oil consumption? Has there been any change in power/throttle response? Any petrol smell indicating a leak? In addition, was there a significant change in the conditions over the times the burn changed or what/who you had on board? I might point out I'm not a mechanic but I'd look at simple stuff first. Maybe a compression test to see if she's just getting tired. If it's the engine I think it is then it's built like a brick shithouse inside-all very heavy internals.                   Good luck   John