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Hi All . Hope someone can help me . I have just purchased the boat. The wiring on the barron is mess under the dash . I have hooked up a new lowrance . Radios and all worked fine then .
Checked port and starboard lights zilch. Wired them up to a toggle switch . Turned on power and now I have nothing . The instuments on the dash still work . Radios , lowrance & lights etc now wont work .

I am not electrical minded but think there is either a short or the original wires are done wrong . Need this sorted out before the 8th jan as need a report done for insurance for club marine .

Could any one help please I live in High Wycombe .


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 you may need to run heavier

Sat, 2018-12-29 13:08

 you may need to run heavier wire from battery as i did when i got my boat. new circut boards are easy to use

best bet is to start from scratch and do the lot . then you know what is where . it will take a bit of time but then you know its done. 


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HI .thanks for reply . That's

Sat, 2018-12-29 14:09

HI .thanks for reply . That's what I was thinking . just bought a new 6 gang led switch panel and some new battery wire . The thing that bugs me is the wiring under dash is a total mess colour wise . Same battery end no idea what they are connected to . I don't want to stuff things up . That's why I was hoping someone might help me do it . Say couple cartons of beer .


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Mon, 2018-12-31 17:23

Well I have just finished total rewiring of my boat . Had a bag full of wire that came out of it . Made a new dash panel to put in a new Blueline LED Switch Panel 6 Gang with a 6 point bus bar attached underneath dash . Gee got everything working now so i know if something goes wrong i can fix it . Also did the bilge pump re wirer with a Automatic Float Switch .

So everthig done 2 radios , cabin lights , anchor light . nav lights , lowrance sounder , spot light . Everthing is so tidy now and not in a utter mess. Total time spent ripping out all of the old wirers and one not used any more and putting in new ones 2 days work .

Now to go fishing !!!!!!!