using wire to connect assist hooks?

 do you guys ever use wire to attach assist hooks? im heading to the abrolhos next year and last time i was there i lost a few jigs to macks. i assume it would work but would it greatly affect my hook up rates for the species there?

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 Yes. Not advisable to use

Sun, 2013-10-06 12:08

 Yes. Not advisable to use metal assist. The macks are usually cock-eyed. The slashed at the jig and usually missed, ended up severing the leader. You can change your assist to wire and you will still lose jigs to them. 2ndly, when you use wire assist, you will cut down on your chances of hooking other fish including the demersals. 

A solution to losing jigs is to use trebles at the tail end of your jig. And use long jigs with another hook point at the belly. 

I have lost a dozen of jigs in Abrolhos too and they usually take it on the drop so it's pretty hard to avoid cut-off.

You can also use bigger gape and longer shank assist hook. Tie a shorter assist cord, in that way, the teeth are on the hook shank than the leader.


Just my 2cents

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Sun, 2013-10-06 13:05

hi mate,

try attached a 3 inch wire from leader to jig, thats work well for me~

as Uluabuster mention, treble at the tail end help too~

if im targeting mackie, i will go with wire from leader to jig and a good treble at the tail end of jigs.

also hold ur line when dropping the jig, strike straight away if you feel any changes of speed or pause~

can't really prevent cut-off 100%, just able to reduce the %~~~haha~~





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 thanks for the advice fellas

Sun, 2013-10-06 17:37

 thanks for the advice fellas really apreciate it

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 use heavier jigs that are

Thu, 2013-10-10 11:12

 use heavier jigs that are rear weighted.

this prevents it from fluttering on the way down, prevventing bite offs


also work your jigs with faster and shorter strokes! this minimises line slack and reduces side to side motion! alternatively jsut use a fast straight crank up!


avoid doing long fall jerks completely!!


gd luck!


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Instead of wire or assist

Fri, 2013-10-11 08:50

Instead of wire or assist cord you can use a swivel. Attach your split ring to a swivel then another split ring to your hook. Avoids bite offs by leather jackets and NW blowies too.


I actually fish.