Wanted - 240 volt lead for old Engel

Hi folks

I am chasing a 240 vold lead for my old Engel after my son somehow managed to 'misplace' ours after a weekend away.

It is the old style 3 x round pin type as depicted in the photo. Buggered if I can find anyone online that seems to stock them.

If you have a spare one lying about that you no longer need, I would be keen to buy it off you. The Engel serves as my beer fridge at home so this is an emergency situation!

Cheers, Scott


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Sat, 2021-04-24 19:13

a fridge repair shop......they may have a few dead engels for parts..

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Sun, 2021-04-25 18:03

 Give Engeland in Balcatta a try too.

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i dont have 1 but

Sun, 2021-09-05 20:39

 try altronics mate they have a milliard of cables and adapters