warhoo and sharks

 My mates sons where out fishing in the 150 meter mark out from safety bay. Hooked some snapper and decided to have a troll. The reel was screaming and line peeling off at a hundred mila an hour with the spool getting empty prety quickly so they started chasing what was on the end of the line. After finally landing the fish they were suprised to find it was a 20 kilo wahoo. my mate said they gave him some to try and he said it was nice on the tooth.

They went out yesterday morning behind the F/F near coventry and hooked in to some salmon. While pulling one into the boat a 3 meter white pointer came up and smashed into the side of the baot with its head out the water and took the salmon. One of the men in the boat was knocked to the other side of the boat and luckily fell on his arse instead of over the side. They didn't manage to get a whole fish into the boat after that. Plenty of salmon out there at the moment.



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Sun, 2024-05-05 09:03

 Why is the government so against shark fishing as an industrie after all ,Australias priestine waters must be better than some Asian fish farms & rivers shark fishing would creat jobs,allow Australian fresh fish at a reasonable price & lower the number of Appex preditors close to our populated regions 

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Damn sharks take so many fish

Sun, 2024-05-05 10:11

Damn sharks take so many fish . Well done on the who tho.

Feed the neighbours a shark , don't feed the shark the neighbours


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