Warnbro Sound Crabs ?

Decided yesterday to have a try for some blueys in Warnbro Sound  , our first time crabbing in this part of Rockingham.

We had half the nets in the deep water, 17M , out from the old pub site , and half in the shallow, 5M .

We did not see 1 crab ! Another boatie came passed us, he had not caught any either !

Is the Sound crabless now ? Is there to much sand that it has changed their environment ?

Or was it just one of those days ?

I used to see plenty of snorkellers diving for crabs out from the Carlisle St boat ramp ( how none of them got run over during cray season i dont know !!) , but i cant say that i have seen anybody diving there for a long time.

I have seen recently a boat with drop nets in the pond on 2 occassions. Not sure if he caught anything , and also not sure of the water quality in there ?

Was still nice on the water, and good to give the boat a run.

Ended up having to pull some frozen cray tails out for dinner :)



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Thats not a great sign. My

Mon, 2024-02-05 07:19

Thats not a great sign. 

My folks were down in Mandurah and got a feed if its any consolation. 

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Mon, 2024-02-05 07:27

 My mum lives in Dawesville , probably best to head down there !

I really just expected to catch a few up here though.

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 We used to launch from that

Mon, 2024-02-05 09:41

 We used to launch from that beach ramp and we always saw people swimming for them. I wonder what has changed? 

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Wed, 2024-03-27 21:50

 Carlilse st is the go my mates son dive for them all the time and gets his quota. Over by second rock is ok as well. Anyone taking crabs or fish from the pond for a meal has rocks in their head or a death wish. It full of all the crap that come out of the storm drain just down from the ramp, not nice.

If you want fresh occy just drop a couple of pot in the broken weed area;s and you'll get a few.



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Thu, 2024-03-28 10:06

 thanks for the info :)


definately worth a try out from that ramp , or in Shoalwater Bay .