Weekends Fishing Plans - 6-7th May

Metropolitan Forecast:

Saturday: S/SW winds 13/18 knots. Seas to 1.0m. Swell to 1.5m.

Sunday: E/NE winds 5/10 knots tending S'ly 10/15 knots in the afternoon.

The weekends reports don't look to special for Saturday, but Sunday looks like an absolute pearler. Not sure on what our plans are, have heard a few reports of dhufish moving into 40m's with a few really good sized ones landed.

Theres also a few reports of rat sambo's down on the 3 mile anywhere between Hale Rd and Swanbourne drain, with the likely bycatch of skippy or salmon. I dropped a thumper of a king george down there last week and also returned a small dhuie. Just never know what you might get down there, hopefully won't be too long before the pinks move in.

Salmon reports are still pretty sketchy, sounds like theres lots still out there if your looking in the right places. Which we obviously weren't last weekend, best of luck if you are targetting them this weekend.

Don't drink too much with the derby on Saturday, Sunday's looking the goods and you will kick yourself if you don't get out there. If you've got some fishing plans, love to hear them, if not, look foward to hearing or seeing the results. :)

Hope you all manage to get out on the weekend and into some fish. Will hopefully get some pictures and footage of the weekends action.

Tight lines crew,


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Bloody average yesterday and today Adam!

Fri, 2006-05-05 21:15

Spent a bit of time yesterday on the 5 fathom off the cut for zilch, nada zippo squat! One pilly bait sat on the same hook just off the bottom for 3 hours and never even got nibbled!

Yep we had tuna oil, burley of crushed prawns and crabs, pollard, ultrabite, cubed pilchards etc etc with fresh skinned occy for bait plus fresh pillies!

3 hours and we never even got a blowie!

Probably trolled for another 3 hours, for nuthin in the ocean & for 2 undersized tailor in the estuary on the way home!

I mean - you would think a nuke bomb or chemical spill had gone off - the place is a marine desert!

No birds working anywhere, no schools of baitfish nuthin nada zippo zilch!

Lad spent all day today walking the estuary flats with a fly for nothin and the arvo / evening at the dawesville cut with fly for a couple herring an octopus and a gardie!

To say pickins is slim at the moment is an undertatement!

I hope it improves over the weekend!


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Fri, 2006-05-05 21:23

Will be heading up around Kalbarri Sunday for a week or so with the family. The rods are packed and the fingers are crossed

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Sat, 2006-05-06 18:59

Will be heading out from Mindarie about 6.30 tomorrow, hopefully head a bit north into the 40's and cray pots and get a few. :)


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hey i was wondering if

Sat, 2006-05-06 21:49

hey i was wondering if anyone goes to albany or esperance and catches anything big of the rocks like lucky bay. well tell me if u do.


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Two Rocks

Sat, 2006-05-06 22:27

My brother and his two mates went out from Two Rocks today (I had to work) Rough conditions I would suggest

Reports are they got a few dhuies, all undersize except 1 boy of 61cm that went into the ice. Tangled with big sambos for much of the time...all in around 12-16m of water.....

Me....Im saving up browny points to go out tomorrow night when the wind finally drops.....

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Bloody Dismal

Sun, 2006-05-07 21:24

Yup 4 days of dismal fishing!

Tried all sorts of fishing over the last 4 days for dismal results - a few small tailor (undersized) that went back!

Tried berleying on the 5 fathom off Dawesville tried trolling for salmon and tuna, tried off the beach at tims thickett for salmon tried for bream up the Murray River!

Frankly I reckon Mandurah's the most fish devoid place on earth!

I could own shares in Sealanes for the fuel I waste looking for fish roundd this place!

They just don't want to play the game these damn fish!

Shoulda known better - maori fishing chart said it was lousy time of the month to try - but ya know how it is, when ya gotta go - ya gotta go!

Anyone know where a guy can get a discount on a crate of hand grenades? ;o)


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Us too

Sun, 2006-05-07 21:37

We fished for almost 12 hours off Mindarie (35 - 45m of water) for a 55 cm Dhuie and a nice Baldchin. That is not to mention the 3 eels amd numerous throwbacks. I'm sure that Adam will fill you all in soonish. It seemed that as soon as the wind dropped (about the time the moon started to rise" the bite really turned off??

AND Salmo IT WAS ROUGH AS GUTS from about 7.30am till 10.30am. I think. (Adds correct me if I am wrong). BRING ON EXMOUTH - 9 weeks and counting

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Average Day

Mon, 2006-05-08 07:58

Yes, very average indeed.

Also caught everything but good fish yesterday, apart from the dhuie and baldchin. Tagged and release a little 45cm rat sambo, plenty of eels, a couple of sand snapper, big rays, heaps of rock cod, a little juvi dhuie and lots of angel fish and western wirra.

Must say the baldchin was a pretty impressive capture, on a whole unweighted king prawn (throwouts) with the skippers knot tying abilities, goes down as pretty god damn lucky in my book. But, all the same a great fish and the best of the day, should have some photo's coming soon.

Also got checked by fisheries at the ramp at 5.00pm hiding in their car behind the rubbish dump. Good to see them out there thou, said there were lots of smallish dhuies and one monster that had come in.

Pretty dismal report on our account, no video and one or two good photos of the baldie. :(


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Mon, 2006-05-08 11:58

knot tying ability haahahhhaa, this is coming from a guy who spends all day fighting the bottom to only lose multiple rigs all day. My original post seems to mysteriously keep changing...

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Sunday and Monday

Mon, 2006-05-08 19:44

Went for a fish Sunday in rocko and hooked up to two salmon landed one and got quite a few herring with some thumpers in the mix.
Went this morning for a quick bash and hooked up to 3 fish losing them all. One smashed the lure on the surface, dive bombed and got me caught up on some rocks.
Going again tommorow so hopefully there is still some floating around.
Salmon action is dying off around rocko but there is still a few.



Rust stains, small gelcoat/fibreglass repairs, bilge cleaning etc


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Salmon Run

Tue, 2006-05-09 13:34

Good to hear your still getting a few Jim. Looks like the run has slowed down a bit. Wonder if they have headed further north and we will get a good back run of them on the way South. Here's hoping, need some more good light tackle action before Exmouth.

Your post is fine Bolts, good to see you found the reply button.... :)


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Not today

Tue, 2006-05-09 16:44

Yeah Im pretty stoked, Ive had a bit of luck lately (for once)
Hope they do come back in huge schools within casting range.
Went for a few casts this morning, was a school of something (salmon/buffies) as soon as I rocked up but disappeared before I could get a cast in. No takers on the live herring either.......next time.



Rust stains, small gelcoat/fibreglass repairs, bilge cleaning etc