Is this a western devil fish

 Howdy all 

I got this on sat day when I took my dad out for a fish on the five in  warnbro is it a western devil fish?? It was released as I didn't know what it was. Cheers




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 Yep western blue devil.

Sun, 2014-12-28 21:08

 Yep western blue devil.

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are these protected or just

Mon, 2014-12-29 06:49

are these protected or just mainly released cos there a beautiful fish
if not protected what are there eating qualities like


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Not sure - but I believe they

Mon, 2014-12-29 10:13

Not sure - but I believe they are a very slow growing fish so should ideally be released

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Did eat one around 20+ years ago and not bad on the tooth at all - I have released the two I have caught since that first one


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pretty fish

Mon, 2014-12-29 16:40

We used to see them when free diving in the shallows, mostly hiding in caves and overhangs. A very attractive fish especially with his fins displayed. Never eaten one so will that to others to have an opinion. Good to see you returned it to the water.