What is it with some people

I see it again some mayor from god only knows where is telling the premier of our state what a fool he is for not putting in smart drum lines.

I would have thought that this guy would have had enough to do without lecturing our premier about what should be done in the west regarding sharks of our coast, I can't help but wondering just how many small town places on the eastern sea board the west Australian news paper had to contact until they got one that agreed with their view on smart brum lines for sharks
IMO the west news paper seem to have the idea that they know what is best for the population of West Australia never mind about who is elected to govern our state and don't let democracy get in the road of us trying to sway the general population to the way we believe things should be done.

If some political party wants to make the drum line caper an election issue at the next state election then so be it, I don't think west aussies need some hero in his own lunch box telling us what we should or shouldn't do here in the west and have that view pumped up by a news paper which appoints it's self as the voice of all west Australians.

Rant over

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Well said

Sat, 2018-08-04 18:29



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Sat, 2018-08-04 20:56

 is the newspaper even relevant these days? Yesterday’s news and mostly covering what nic nat is up to


anyway as for the issue is their any harm in a trial? Or just revert back to the standard sitting on hands

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 West Australia, Perth Now,

Sat, 2018-08-04 21:09

 West Australia, Perth Now, Sunday Times and Channel 7 are all the same thing.

If they have an agenda, how many thousands of people will see it and react to it. All filth that should be ignored

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Totally agree. The attached says it all really

Sat, 2018-08-04 22:08

 Sorry, forget that, couldn' get the picture to work.

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 My two cents worth,  i

Sun, 2018-08-05 07:28

 My two cents worth,  i haven't read the article but for me as a surfer ( and yes i know im in the sharks back yard and im taking a risk ) i think its a good thing being brought up again it gets people talking about this issue , cause the government need a rev up to try and do something about it nothing happens till the next poor buggar gets chomped then the topic gets talked about again , we need something to happen whether that be more tagging or drum lines , its easy to say don't go in there then if that fear worries you but with young children of my own now learning to surf it scares the shit of me that it could one day be a possibility they come across one , im not saying kill all the sharks but to have a little bit of comfort in the fact something is being done about sharks would be a nice thought for me personally 


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Current approach

Sun, 2018-08-05 09:47

is pathetic......in fact, does it even count as an approach?

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Sun, 2018-08-05 09:56

If nothing is happening at the moment, and the smart drum lines at least allow us to get more acoustic tags in whites, how is that a bad thing?



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Do acoustic tags have a .303

Sun, 2018-08-05 11:24

Do acoustic tags have a .303 in them?


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I would argue that the mayor

Sun, 2018-08-05 11:17

I would argue that the mayor of Ballina has got quite an educated opinion on how several fatal and non fatal shark attacks can take its toll on a community.

Probably understands the feeling of lost life, lost tourism, lost money to business and the lifestyle effect its having on his community better than our premier would.

Isnt WA tourism at its lowest level for years whilst other states are growing. Maybee ask Margaret River small businss and community members what they think about losing the Surfing Competion. 

Hes also probably questioning the greens / labour social media bulshit machine that some how makes the public believe that whales and dolphins will get hooked on tuna baits (LOL) and die. Or may be even that the sharks are an endangered species without knowing the numbers ? only for the scientists to tell us that there are thousands. 

Or even maybee that the CSRIO recongnise that the tracking system is relatively useless as the sharks have shown nil pattern that is predictable.

Anyway just saying

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 Well looks like the the

Tue, 2018-08-14 07:41

 Well looks like the the smart drum line trial is to go ahead,   finally the government is going to get off their arse's  and get proactive with the white shark issue , well bloody done 


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 Not before time !!!!!!! .

Tue, 2018-08-14 10:20

 Not before time !!!!!!! . Now watch all the shark huggers on social media kick off , mob of flogs.


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Will it stop attacks

Tue, 2018-08-14 10:35

 What happens if the smart drum lines are out and someone still gets attacked? I wonder if the baits are checked every day to see if the bait is still there and not eaten away by leather jackets or just checked when the signal goes off, I just dont know if i feel safer on not


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or the perpetually outraged

Thu, 2018-08-16 06:23

 or the perpetually outraged gang who were out last time Fisheries put drum lines in along the Perth beaches and those arsehats went out in their dinghies and removed the baits from the drum lines.