What is "Max Drag" on my rod

 I'm  in the market for a new demersal light jigging rod and I am comparing the rods I have in mind to my current outfit which is a "Jigging Master Saber Game" matched up to a Diawa TD Sol II 4000.


When comparing the models I have in mind to my current I'm getting a little confused when looking at the max drag or max power of the rod. My current Saber Game is PE 1-3, 5'5, jig 50-120 grams and claims to have a max power of 10kg. The SW LAB Jigforce JB-S58/4 is PE 1.5-3, 5'9 max jig wt 120 grams, and max drag 5kg. 


I'm looking for something comparable but slightly longer than my Saber Game but just as powerful to match up with the same reel and when looking at the max drag or max power I get a little concerned the Jigforce might not be as powerful as the Saber Game


Is it fair to compare the max drag / max power of two rods or is this figure just a number manufacturers throw out there to market their products. Or have I completely missed the boat all together. 



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I could be wrong here...

Sat, 2014-01-04 15:21

...but wouldn't the PE rating give you an idea as to what the rod can handle? It's pretty simplistic but to me a PE3 rod should, in theory, be able to manage 30 plus pounds of drag, and if you chuck in an error margin, 10 kg would be well within it's limits...or maybe I'm missing the boat too!

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Thats what I thought?

Sat, 2014-01-04 18:44

 Yeah that's what I always thought. Both rods are PE 3 so should have similar power, but in this case the Saber Game, it has a "Max Power" of 10kg's which makes sensense with that theory but then the other rod which is also PE3 has a "Max Drag" of 5 kg.


Im guessing that maybe the terms "Max Power" and "Max Drag" are different interpretations from different manufacturesers of the rods abiltiy.

Or each was measured at a different angle so therfore its not fair to compare the two together.



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PE3 rod should be running

Sun, 2014-01-05 08:31

PE3 rod should be running around 15-20kg (30-40lb) line and with drag set at 1/3 of that so in theory should be max of 5-8kg - nowhere near the line rating.

also very dependant on the angle of the rod relative to direction of pull (i.e. high stick at that drag at your own risk). have it low with the rod tip near the water (off a boat) and you should be able to jam your hand on the spool and pull harder as less is going through the rod (or lower down the blank).


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Hey,just wondering why you

Sun, 2014-01-05 11:17

just wondering why you are upgrading, ( I have this (well very similar) rod myself ...so curious as to what the rod is not doing for you?
or is it just the length to work jigs ?

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Time for an upgrade.

Sun, 2014-01-05 14:35

 I've had the rod for a couple of years and it's time for an upgrade. At first I didn't really like it as it was my first jigging rod but as my skills and techniques have improved I've started to enjoy fishing it alot more especially when it really loaded up. Just looking for something with a bit more length this time as you said to try work my jigs a little better, more so my lighter ones. Have a few rods in mind just the jigforce was one I was using as an example.  Definately open to some suggestions!