What's the fishing like this side of Kent Street Weir?

 Hi guys,

Loving the forum. Absolute goldmine for battlers like me.

I've attached an image here to help illustrate. I'm wondering if this is a stupid question or not - do people go fishing on this side of the Canning River's Kent Street Weir?

I paddle around in my kayak from time to time (launching at Mason's Landing), but never really see anyone fishing.

Here's a link to Google Maps as well if that helps.

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 Plenty of Koi

Thu, 2015-11-05 19:41

 Plenty of Koi

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Plenty of feral species and

Fri, 2015-11-06 10:49

Plenty of feral species and the odd bream cruising through too not many though


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 Cheers fellas. Yeah the

Fri, 2015-11-06 11:35

 Cheers fellas. Yeah the water doesn't look like it's got much oxygen in it.