What's with weather

anyone able to make sense of the weekend weather forecasts? Willy looks good with no wind and under 1.5m swell whereas BOM and Seabreeze say it's going to be blowing its arse off.... 

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Wed, 2015-07-29 18:53

 Supposed to be a low trough coming through on Friday as opposed to an actual cold front, they are talking lots of rain from it.


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Avon decent

Wed, 2015-07-29 18:56

Pity the poor buggers doing the Avon Decent, they are going to be carrying there boats for half the distance then get drown in the flood from the rain that has been forecast

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 Going to be an interesting

Wed, 2015-07-29 19:16

 Going to be an interesting one as MetEye have just done a 180 degree forecast change. I think that they don't know....may be a good day to stay inshore if you do go out as it may turn pretty quickly.