Where to fish round perth...from land

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I was just wondering where the best places to fish from land are around the Perth area...i'm staying in Freo at the moment and would like just to go and fish somewhere, quickly and easily!
What can i expect to catch around here?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Dave

Wed, 2006-08-02 18:11

Lots of options, depends on what sort of land based fishing you want to do. If you want to chase black bream, mulloway, whiting - river species - there are lots of spots that are worth a try. Underneath the freo traffic bridge when the tide isn't running full steam is good for silver bream and whiting. You could also try at the e/c-shed markets where the Rottnest boats leave from, occasionally get large mulloway and a variety of fish depending on tide. Otherwise the yahct clubs are always an excellent option for black bream, with the rain that we've been having the lower areas towards Freo would probably be a good option. Hopefully someone that fishes the river a bit more often than me can help out.

If you want to chase bigger ocean species, then theres south mole and north mole. South mole never seems to fish as well with herring and gardies being the main target, the rocks are also safer. North mole can produce sharks, rays, snapper, herring, gardies, skippy, mulloway and all sorts of smaller bread and butter fish, squid and occasional cuttlefish. Tailor are also bycatches this time of year. Plenty of options to choose from, just have to put in the time.

Hope this helps a bit.


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