Which deep cycle battery ?

 Keen to hear anyone's recommendations for a deep cycle battery to be used as a house battery on board mainly to power the Engel. What do you recommend, or more importantly, what should I avoid ?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Avoid anything from battery

Thu, 2019-08-22 13:18

Avoid anything from battery nuckleheads. Get a century Marine deep cycle. 

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Thu, 2019-08-22 15:34

Got my 2x 100amp hour from these guys,give them a ring and ask to speak to the guru of the marine Batt kingdom.
Went with Bosch for a change.




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I have used goodchilds for 20 years

Tue, 2019-09-10 05:55

 Then the other day I had customer complain about price so phoned a few other places and challenge batteries were $120 dollars cheaper for the same battery ,good child's wouldn't even consider price matching 

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 I would go a Motobatt 112 ah

Fri, 2019-08-23 08:16

 I would go a Motobatt 112 ah , 2 yr warranty fully sealed agm, should cost around $350.

Who would be battery knuckleheads by the way ?



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Challenge Batteries

Fri, 2019-08-23 09:23

 Goodchilds as mentioned and also Challenge Batteries in Osborne Park have great range and good advice. 

Be mindful that AGM batteries dont like heat, so if mounted near an inboard engine for example, sealed lead acid is a better choice. 

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Fri, 2019-08-23 12:03

AGM’s are the best for this application I have used, But as Makai said they are a little more sensitive for others.

also note you should use a specific AGM charger on them every now and then to top them right up 

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I’ve had great experience

Mon, 2019-09-09 20:16

I’ve had great experience with the SuperCharge MFM70. Had two of them in my boat for 6-7 years (possibly more, they were in the boat when I bought it) before they eventually started to die. Replaced with same model. 

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Mon, 2019-09-09 22:04

check the voltage output of your motor first and what it's good for , AGM are great but you must charge them at the correct voltage when running, under charge the battery and you will shorten its life quickly,

i use challenge battery's  and they offer great help to ensure you get the best unit for your needs 

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 Why no mention of lithium

Tue, 2019-09-10 03:57

 Why no mention of lithium batteries? 

Are they not suited to a marine environment?

They appear to be the next big thing in the caravan world.

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They are, but they are expensive

Tue, 2019-09-10 07:53

 And you really have no idea of the quality you are getting. You are still looking at about double the price of a comparable lead-acid, even taking into account the possibly dubious claim that yo only need half the nominal capacity to get the same performance. Overstating that ,a bit, I think. I've looked into it,  you can get good capacity by going to lower voltage cells ( 3.2V), connecting up enough  to get the required voltage. People are doing this with spotlockers, huge weight saving . There is a fishing-related discussion on it here www.ausfish.com.au/vforum/showthread.php/208413-Motorguide-xi5-80-or-105lbs-on-6mtr-Bluewater  Starts as questions on spotlockers, goes into batteries, some links to vendors websites for those who are interested. 

Personally, I've been using Fullriver deep cycles for about 10 years now. My first one got put into a boat which was later sold, the replacements (2) must have been in use for 7 years now, still going OK. 

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Thanks everyone for the

Tue, 2019-09-10 12:17

Thanks everyone for the feedback.


Ended up going with a Fullriver DC120 from Challenge Batteries and as mentioned above they were very helpful.


Fullriver are certainly not the cheapest batteries but if ranmar's experience is anything to go by it should do the job nicely.


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Good Choice Mate!

Tue, 2019-09-10 20:48

 Ive got 4x Fullrivers in my boat and two in my Landcruiser. All from Challenge Batteries. Great batterries and great sevice and prices form Chris 


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 I have always gone with

Sat, 2019-09-14 18:57

 I have always gone with Century calcium batteries. 

Got 5 years out of my last one.

Bonus is you can still start with a run down battery and flatten it more often.

Down side is they usually about $50 dearer