Which LBG rod?

I want to buy an LBG rod to suit a Penn senator 114h2. I'll be using 50lb tufline braid. I want the rod to be 24kg  plus and atleast 8ft long. Is a metal reel seat a must? Dont want rollers. Not looking to spend a fortune.


Will be used for ballooning, sharks and in the future, trips to quobba.

What do you guys recommend?

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 Gary Howard LBG is 9ft and

Sun, 2012-01-15 18:10

 Gary Howard LBG is 9ft and rated at 24kg, or the live fibre LBG, think the LF comes with a roller tip and metal reel seat which the GH doesnt, I have the GH in a spin but they do a OH, I love it, sure there is other guys on the forum that have the LF. Both rods cost about the same at around $300. Hope this helps.      Paul.




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Thanks I'll keep an eye out

Sun, 2012-01-15 18:23

Thanks I'll keep an eye out fora second hand one of them as they're slightly more then I want to spend. I can't look after them, 2 mins fishing and they're all scratched up!


Are Mako rods any good? bloke in the tackle shop tried to sell me a combo.