Whirring and squeaking spinning reel

 Hi guys

A couple days ago i came back from a fishing trip testing out my new fin nor lethal lt100. I left the reel in a rod holder whilst we trekked it out to a spot in 70m of water. It wouldve copped a bit of sea spray during the trip but i gave the reel a gentle spray down with fresh water once we got back from the ramp. a few days later as i was tying on a new fg knot, i noticed that the reel was making a squeaking noise when winding slow and and a noisy whirring sound when winding fast. I took the spool off to see if there was something wrong with the spool that was causing the noise, but it was still making the same sound so it cant have been the spool. I then spun the reel's handle off to see if it was the handle making the noise, it wasnt. Theres something up with the reels internals making these sounds and i was wondering if it could be that salt water has already intruded just with one fishing trip or if maybe the internals just havent been lubricated enough by manufacturers (although i did notice that there was a lot of grease throughout the rotor and drag system) or maybe the sounds being caused by something else entirely (maybe just that it's a cheap reel).

Just wondering if anyone has any idea whats wrong or what i should do. Im not sure whether i should take apart the reel as im not confident that i can put it back together. any replies would be greatly appreciated.

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 Take it back to where you

Sun, 2021-07-11 21:08

 Take it back to where you got it from . Don't mess around pulling it apart yourself . Should be a warranty on it 


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Sounds like the roller

Mon, 2021-07-12 04:40

Yup, return to place of purchase, at first I thought roller bearing but read your post again properly

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Ok thankyou for the responses

Mon, 2021-07-12 15:27

Ok thankyou for the responses guys