White hills

 White hills last night a few Tailor and this Black ray , Fought for around 20/25mins and was released swam away strong , Easy 1.5m across , Good back breaking fun

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 bloody hell how long that

Sun, 2014-01-05 14:11

 bloody hell how long that take


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 Took around 25 mins roughly

Sun, 2014-01-05 15:50

 Took around 25 mins roughly , First big ray I have landed , There a pain to catch but well worth it when there this big 

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Hey Bards

Sun, 2014-01-05 15:53

 How was the weed, went down the other day, was a waste of time too much weed, must have cleared in the last couple days ey.

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 Was pretty weedy baits

Sun, 2014-01-05 16:17

 Was pretty weedy baits ending up on beach after about 5 mins with the current and the wind , 

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Great catch mate and good on

Mon, 2014-01-06 08:24

Great catch mate and good on you for persisting in those conditions. Very difficult when wind, weed and current are against you.

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 Haha, i have that same photo

Mon, 2014-01-06 18:43

 Haha, i have that same photo of the bent rod, and I am sure its the same ray. He bloody well knows all he has to do is put up a good fight and he gets a feed. I reckon i been hooking that prick or his brothers and uncles for the last 6 summers. 


I got spooled 2yrs ago down there and it wasnt a ray because I saw the big fish. Wasnt a mulloway either. People will think Im mad.  

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 I believe you , My uncle

Mon, 2014-01-06 19:01

 I believe you , My uncle hooked up to something big just took straight off big head shakes got down to the last bit of spool drag wound up then snapped , There has some big Sambos caught down there , Anything is possible

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 shame i diddent get a

Tue, 2014-01-07 11:40

 shame i diddent get a clearer picture of it :( would be a good photo of the month :D

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 Photo is all good mate ,

Tue, 2014-01-07 19:47

 Photo is all good mate , least you took one and he swam away , All sweet